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Do you dominate a topic on Fluther?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) November 15th, 2014

For example I have asked all of the billionare questions. You can see what is on my mind. How about you?

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I do not.

I ask whatever I think is thought provoking, clever or funny. I like to mix it up.

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I used to have that plan in mind but then realized it won’t do me good.

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No, it does not make me popular.

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No, I going to kinda side with @ibstubro on this one.

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I thought we were going to make fun of people who need to reply to every single comment in a thread, and can’t shut up. Bummer. :(

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Oh c’mon @SQUEEKY2 , you own “road safety”.

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No, it does not make me popular.

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I’ll whine about anything.

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As resident alpha male I feel it my duty to state, without fear of contradiction, I dominate Fluther…period!
I may however have just made that up, we just don’t know.

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