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Is there an application called iscale that let's you weigh up to 2 pounds on your iPhone using the touchscreen?

Asked by NYChris (26points) July 14th, 2007 from iPhone
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Sounds like an urban legend started by RIM....

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RIM is "Research in Motion". They make the Blackberry.

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I think its a good ideavfor an app if the he supports it

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LOL didn't think so... But that would be really cool.

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This has all the signs of pure urban legend - unless the folks built it with calibrating hardward inside, software isn't going to get you there! Besides which, anybody puts 2 pounds of anything on the shiny glass face of my iPhone and I'm putting 185 pounds of size 6 pointy shoe on their keester - is there an application for that?

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First step: iPhone. Next step: Skynet. If you need me, I'll be buying a bunch of guns.

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Hmm.. what about a program that let's me weight up to.. oh gee, i don't know.. an ounce maybe? maybe two ounces, if i'm feeling wealthy? now THAT would be a sick freekin' program.

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no that would break your glass

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