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Can you use outdoor dining furniture indoors?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) November 26th, 2014

My dining room set is mostly used in the fall and winter for holidays and is definitely starting to show signs of wear. I am thinking this Thanksgiving might be its last. In the spring and summer, we dine outdoors and that set is completely on its last legs. Do you think I could get an outdoor wicker dining set and use it on the deck in the warmer months than put it indoors in the dining room for the holidays? The deck is conveniently located right outside the dining room so it would be easy to move. I saw a few that are really luxurious – I like the rectangular one in the top image frame. This could save me money on buying two sets as I don’t want to get something cheap that won’t last (I keep stuff for YEARS). Does anyone else do this? Would it look odd?

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They look lovely. If the wicker is high-quality and won’t start to unwind, it should be fine. You might want covers for the chairs during rain storms when they are outside. There are no longer rules for decorating. Go for it.

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Absolutely you can. A rose by any other name…

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Sure, why not? It’s a very practical solution. It’s your home and your choice.

In the past, a lot of outdoor furniture was kind of rickety, not really that comfortable and looked sort of cheap.

These are solid and look quite confortable. That should be the standard for any furniture whether indoor or outdoor. These look really nice and I can’t imagine anyone looking at them critically.

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You sure can as long as you are aware of one thing – bringing outdoor furniture indoors requires a thorough cleaning before being put on carpet or near the fabrics.

Being outside, even when washed regularly, can get the bottoms and sides dirty to a point that is acceptable outside but not indoors.

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Absolutely. You’ll use a tablecloth won’t you? So people won’t know the table is an outdoor table and the chairs are nice. It’s a sensible thing to do.

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Sure! Go for it, smart idea. If it looks odd to anyone, you don’t really want their opinion. Call it a test of character!

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Essentially, the furniture is “grounded”

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You can do whatever you want. The only thing that would possibly bother me, is when I lived in a high pollen area, it was like the pollen was in every part of the furniture, especially the cushions if they were left on the furniture throughout the day and night. As much as I tried cleaning them, I still had they idea they had outside stuff on or in them. I would have felt better if I had covered the chairs over night or when not in use, or pulled the cushions off.

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