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How is Jesus different than Mohammed?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 27th, 2014

Each of them are supposed to be messengers from God. And yet the message is, at best, slightly different.
What distinguishes Jesus from the more recent prophet, Mohammed?

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Jesus had blue eyes.

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A friend told me Mohammed had blues eyes. So I guess that neutralizes your answer. What else you got?

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Jesus is a godchild.

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And Mohammed is…?

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a prophet but not concieved by god and mortal woman?

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Think Ezekial, Daniel, etc they would be more comparable to Mo.

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@josie “And Mohammed is…?”

A man, nothing more. A prophet, yes, but a mere man nonetheless. Islam does not ascribe divine origin to Mohammed. It does, however, recognize Jesus as being the Messiah and born of a virgin (though it does not adhere to the notion of equating Jesus with God or as the Son of God).

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They were both men, with as many differences as any two individuals would have.

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No difference, both prophets.

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Different DNA.

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Jesus has three fewer letters in his name.

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Jesus was of the lineage from Isaac; Mohamed from the lineage of Ishmael.

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Jesus was gay?

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Big M. is more likely to have existed.

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Jesus is Divine, Mohammed is apparently a pretty mean dude if judging by his followers.

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Jesus, along with Matty and Felipe, was one of the only Major League outfield comprised of three brothers.

Mohammed was World Heavyweight Champion,

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@zenvelo I was going to say something similar.

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Jesus was always invited to parties.

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He floats like a messiah & hung Judas from a tree…

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Jesus didn’t fuck little kids.

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maybe he did. at least according to matthew, 10, luke, 8, and john, 12.

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Mo-hammered kiddies arseholes

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If Mohammed had blue eyes he could have been a descendant of Jesus, but not the other way around.
Many Latinos are named “Jesus” but never have I heard of any named “Mohammed.”

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