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Today I felt like I sprained my thumbs, why? (Details inside)

Asked by rojo (24159points) November 27th, 2014

I tried to open a bottle today and it felt as if I sprained my thumb on my left hand, not by doing the opening but like it had been sprained already and I aggravated it.
It was fine before I went to bed. I did nothing that I know of during the time after I went to bed but when I tried to use it, it felt like it was hurt.
A short time later, favoring my left hand, I tried to grabbed a liter bottle of coke with my right hand and when I spread my fingers wide to wrap the bottle the muscles on the right hand felt like I had sprained them. Again, I had done nothing beforehand to damage them.
Right now when I spread my fingers there is a twinge in the big muscles that connect the thumb to the hand. What gives? Am I suffering some kind of vitamin deficiency or what?

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It’s tendonitis, I have it too, flares up when you over use your hands/wrists. Just another mid-life ache and pain. You just tweaked your old thumbs friend. lol

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Gripping wrong in your sleep?

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@Here2_4 I wondered about that too but I rarely use both hands.

Also, I noticed my big toe is objecting to being pushed off of.

I guess I will go to bed and see if tomorrow brings more muscle problems or less.

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If it isn;t tendonitis as @Coloma mentioned (which can arise from too much texting or odd use of the thumb on a phone), it may be a touch of arthritis. The discomfort from arthritis may have spread dot your muscles.

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Possibly Gout?

Generally acts up in the big toes and thumbs.

Are your thumbs weak as well, or just painful?

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What you describe sounds like Arthritis (which doesn’t need over-use to manifest; it merely requires age or a deterioration of cushioning cartilage.)

You’re beginning to show your age :).

It happens to the best of us. Generally, colder weather is harder on the joints. And what time of year are we in?

Yup, you got it. It’s wintertime, Baby ! Be prepared for it to worsen as the weather gets progressively worse. Sorry, but that’s the unvarnished truth.

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I would let that hand rest as much as possible for a few weeks. Don’t do anything that hurts if possible.

Next time you are at the doctor have your vitamin D checked, which I think is good for overall muscle health. Getting my vitamin D level up into the nornal range took me from feeling almsot like a cripple to nornal, unless I really push myself very hard. My pain and weakness was never in my joints, always in my muscles and tendons. I had no pain if I did nothing, but just a little use and I was in pain, shaky, it was like I was developing MS or Parkinsons, except I didn’t have all the symptoms, it was more like just muscle weakness.

Your D might be fine, and all you did was hurt in your sleep or yesterday without realizing.

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