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How can I make a personalized calendar?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) December 1st, 2014

The year is ending real soon so I want to get this done for 2015.

I want to make a calendar with my close friend group. There’s 14 people so PREFERABLY I’d like to design it so that each month has a picture of one person.

I’m going to crazy with cool ideas to personalize it but I’m not sure how possible my ideas are. They include:

-Inserting a funny quote in each month from whomever is highlighted for that month

-Inserting little thumbnail pictures on their birthdays. For example, Bob’s birthday is March 29, so when you go to March 29 you see a little thumbnail of Bob on there.

At the very least – I just want to make a calendar with at least everyone having a spotlight in one month. I guess I could make an 18 month calendar and just fill the extra spots with miscellaneous pics or something?

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This can be done easily with iPhoto. Here’s a screencast tutorial.

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I don’t have a Mac. I have Windows. Unless, is there some Windows alternative?

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You could go down to your local Kinkos, Office Max etc. to see how much they would charge to make however many copies you would need. They help you do the layout for free.

This may end up being less expensive than printing them all out yourself. Presumably you already know the approx cost per page. Do the math and see if that would work for you.

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Download google calendars. Very user friendly.

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Just Google “calendar templates”. There are hundreds of ready-made calendar templates that people have already made. For the PC/Windows, most of these are done in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. Once downloaded, you can use the appropriate software to modify them to suit your purpose, adding pictures, etc. Very easy. Then print however many copies you need, or put the file on a USB drive and take it to a place like Kinkos and let them print it. There you could even choose a heavier stock paper.

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Yeah I realized now it’s better to make it myself. Everything I’m finding is too expensive. I ultimately need 18 copies, not 14 as I originally thought. It would be better to have an 18 month calendar to fit everyone in their own month

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You might try Shutterfly. I have not used the site but have seen the resulting calendars of others and I was very impressed with those calendars.

You might check it out.

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