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What are those things called that look like squished glass marbles and are used in flower arrangements or crafts?

Asked by occ (4080points) January 1st, 2008

Does anyone know what they are called or where I can buy them? I’m looking for the larger ones made out of clear glass, not the ones that are the size of a marble, but the ones that are about two inches long. I already checked the crafts stores in SF (Flax, Pearl Paint,) and the Plant-it Earth store in the Castro, as well as a few hardware stores. No one seems to sell the larger ones any more.

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I think your talking about sea glass, beach glass, natural glass. Not sure where you can get the larger stuff. check Ebay

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Craft stores are lousy with them, also home decor stores like Pier One.

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Try calling a few pet stores – a lot of people use them to put in the bottoms of aquariums, so a big pet store will probably have an assortment of sizes and colors…

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