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Is your interest in fluther purely for the sake of knowledge or are you also looking to meet people/build community?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) July 11th, 2008
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I like it for many reasons. I learn alot, laugh alot, and make new friends. Those are the 3 main reasons.

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Initially it was for knowledge. Over time I made some good friends. I even had dinner with someone from this site. I had never met her before. And if Riser doesn’t invite me to his wedding I am going to be pissed.

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It’s for the sake of gaining and sharing knowledge. To receive, you have to give; Fluther is an experiment of such humanistic ideal.

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@jpp; respectfully, even if Riser invites you, won’t you be pissed? You are very candid about that.

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I’m here to hang out, have fun, and share what I know.

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@PnT Brief and to the point. I concur.

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I love reading the questions and contributing answers when I can. I love the information I have gotten from questions I have asked.

I have learned a lot from interesting links, music performances, book recommendations, etc.

I have met a great bunch of people in the “stacks” of the Q&As.

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I came here for knowlege and was instantly hooked. But over time i’ve gained a few friends from talking to people in chat so thats something that also keeps me hooked to this site.

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I come for intelligent discussion, but it’s always nice when you find a handful of people you like.

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Although I love reading, asking, and answering the questions, I think the favorite thing to me about fluther is the sense of community. I feel a part of something, a small cog in a grand machine.
God, I’m so poetic.

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Gail: That was perfect! I laughed out loud, literally.

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I came here for knowledge, but have a comfortable bundle of Internet friends now. Yay.

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I must echo previous answers, I too came for the knowledge but was then blown away by the community and I love the friends I have made. Now I love to learn things from these friends, so it’s kinda like a vicious circle but in a good way, if you get what I mean… knowledge—> community—> knowledge—> community…

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I joined to help a family member and then became an addict. When the cat arrived here, the collective was a Godsend. As was the advice I got about autism-related problems and computer issues.

There is usually a wonderful give-and-take and then there is the fun of attacking the trouble-makers.

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And I love it when you give those troublemakers hell!

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@AC; you don’t consider me devious and subtle?

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Yeah, but in a good way.

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i’ve been actually looking for a site like this…i mean you can gain so much knowledge by other’s answers and information they have for you!

loving fluther so far!!

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@NazN. Remember that the course of true love does not always run smooth. And on that note, welcome.

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@NazN: Welcome to Fluther!

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I came here to share and receive knowledge. I’ve met a lot of very cool and friendly people on the internet, it always comes naturally and Fluther’s no exception :)

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I came here for both and I’m enjoying it so far. I haven’t thought up a good question to ask yet but I’m sure it will come. The comedy is what makes my day even at 1am. LOL

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