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How can I unlock the puncuation keys on a used Gateway keyboard?

Asked by orbutsbi (312points) December 12th, 2014

and possibly other keys will not work. I can period only because of the del key on the Num pad. VERY annoying!

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Can I reset a keyboard or is it just trash.
No ’ no x and no @ in certain fields.
Curiouser and curiouser.

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Get a new keyboard, simple and less aggravation.

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What operating system do you have? If Windows, can you access the Language bar? Its settings might affect how your keys are responding.

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win 7

I think it might be a setting on the PC as it seems like some function are available in some fields and not others. I THINK.

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From the “Jelly” thread I think you may have caught a cold or VIRUS.

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The computer I’m using is used, new to me.

I’m wondering if I need to do a system restore before I reinstall the stuff from the old computer. For instance some fields allow the use of X and @ some do not. The period is broken everywhere all the time. As is the comma. Yet I can copy and paste anything, anywhere, and it allows that.

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Fix the problem with the keyboard before you start moving the stuff from the old box.

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I don’t remember how computer knowledgeable you are @Tropical_Willie. I’m thinking I need to system restore the new PC then add if it works okay.

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