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How to introduce someone to South Park?

Asked by seekingwolf (10410points) December 13th, 2014

I love South Park, I’ve seen the vast majority of old and new episodes.

But let’s say you know someone who has never ever seen the show and wants to give it a try? What episodes (and in what order) would you reckon they watch in order to get a good taste of the show?

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The Scientology episode is my favorite.

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I love that one.

I still love Scott Tenermen must Die. I know it’s gory and silly but I love it.

I am a little embarrassed to show that episode to people though.

Omg, the easter episode too, loved that one.

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Hippitus hoppitus reus dominus…

I might begin with Imaginationland, or maybe Fun Times with Weapons. Or the dance battle episode. One of the sillier, less political ones.

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The one about “cheesing”, the pilot, harley riders and the wheel of fortune one are my favs. I’ll never forget how much I laughed seeing the pilot for the first time.

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I was just thinking about this myself. Somehow my one friend has managed to have never seen an episode. (Still don’t understand how that’s possible.) I’m thinkin imaginationland

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Get them drunk first.

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Blame Canada.

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Start at the beginning, they’ll get dog shit bored between seasons 3 / 5

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Casa Bonita

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