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What is negative lurve?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) July 12th, 2008

look at the seventh post of this question:

what is this, and how do you get it?

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probably just a bug…

nice tag though… “hatred”

keep up the positive thinking!

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Maybe a moderator has given them negative lurve?

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Possibly a joke from sferik because they disagreed with him about honeydew melon?

edit: yeah, read down a bit further, he explains

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It’s sferik (Erik, one of the guys who built Fluther) toying with everyone. Don’t panic! I don’t know if you noticed, but I got 1000. Just a shame it didn’t touch my score.

Abuse of power on my part. Don’t worry, you didn’t actually lose points. I just can’t believe you’d defend honeydew!

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Here’s another example of sferik’s antics. (look at the great question points)

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And to answer your question, “negative lurve” is “positive hayte”.

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@eambos Thanks for the fun link.

I want to defend sferik. I totally think he’s right on the melon issue. That was not an abuse of power, it was melon just desserts. ;)

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@Marina I see what you’re trying to do there.

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Hey @eambos, I thought it was pretty cool, once it was brought to my attention! I also laughed alot because of the comments and questions it brought about.

@sferik, my apologies for not answering your question!! It seems I have run out of time (late for work) I will return though.
Thanks for the controversial (sp) Great Points.

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@sferik, dude you’re funny. Never stop!

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I hope I never get negative lurve :S

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