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Can I record video using the built in camera on my macbook?

Asked by emt333 (794points) July 12th, 2008


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yup sure can. Just open up Imovie and record away

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Even easier, open up Photo Booth. Click on the film strip button labelled ‘Take a movie clip’ when you hover over it. Hit the red record button and you’re good to go. You can export movies by dragging them from Photo Booth to a folder or the desktop.

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niiiice thanks guys

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Or even easier, use QuickTime Player and go to File—> New Video Recording

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@PupnTaco: Only works if you’re using the paid-for Pro version.

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I didn’t know that, thanks! I always plug in a serial number for QT Pro.

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Yeah, it’s sucky as hell. Another silly thing that Apple charge for.

* Quicktime Pro
* iPod touch updates

There’s probably more. :)

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Indeed with iMovie you can, its a bit fuzzy but is ok.

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@richardhenry: Blame American accounting laws! I can’t believe that they’re giving away the January Software Update with iPod Touch 2.0 firmware, the first of which cost me $24.99 and this one which only costs $12.99 (AUD)... talk about screwing over your early-adopters…. yet again.

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@bluemukaki: Apple blame the accounting laws, but it’s really just a get-out clause for making more money. Although they don’t count the iPod touch as a subscription based revenue stream, all they have to do is retroactively apply the cost of the update to the profit made. Companies do this all the time.

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