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Any advice on gently breaking in patent leather high heels?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5674points) January 2nd, 2015

This Christmas my boyfriend generously gave me a pair of patent leather Jimmy Choo pumps. They fit well but because they’re high-quality patent leather, they’re more than a little on the stiff side.

I’ve never had such an expensive pair of shoes before, and I don’t want to risk damaging them with a shoe stretcher or any myriad other “tricks” I’ve seen floating around forums. (wearing wet socks, blow dryers, etc.)

Does anyone have any tips on how I can gently soften the shoes and get them to “mold” to my feet a little better? I don’t expect to run the New York Marathon in 4” pumps but walking more than a few blocks would be great!

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When I buy a new pair of boots, I follow the advice given to me many years ago: I take a long, hot bath with my boots on. It softens the leather and molds them to my feet. I don’t know whether that’s feasible for a pair of pumps, but it works for the military boots I generally buy.

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Put on a pair of thin cotton socks and wear them for an hour around the house. Then skip a day then wear them for two hours around the house. Then skip a day and wear them for three hours.

Also, BTW, I’ve heard from several sources that if you are going to wear Jimmy Choo shoes outdoors, you will need to get them resoled before wearing them.

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I broke in some dress shoes by working out weightlifting in them. But I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to try that in those. Congrats to the boyfriend for taste. Maybe wear them around the house while doing your normal cleaning and such.

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A couple options:

You can wear a thin pair of socks (as suggested above).

Tape your feet with white tape (the kind you use for holding gauze over a wound) where the shoes rub. This will prevent blisters. Wear the shoes for a few hours at a time and eventually they should break in.

I have to say, typically when I buy expensive shoes they feel great from the get go. That’s the thing about the higher price, more comfortable leather and better fit.

I’ve never had a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, that is more than I would spend, but even $300 shoes are usually amazing compared to $100.

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