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What is a 'jelly'?

Asked by Sinqer (520points) January 8th, 2015

I’ve never heard the expression… yep, just lost on this one. What is a ‘jelly’?

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The definition of a “fluther” is a group of jellyfish, so the people on Fluther refer to themselves (in relation to Fluther) as “jellies.” Like we’re all jellyfish. That’s why the graphics at the top of the site are pictures of jellyfish.

We’re a nice group of people, a small group of people, usually a helpful group of people, sometimes a snarky group of people. Some of us are in touch on Facebook or other ways. We are definitely a community.

There are a bunch of people on here that I have never met and may never meet, yet I consider them friends.

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Same as marmalade only less strands.
Although over here in englandtown, jelly is a soft wobbly thing served with ice cream.

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@ucme Right on :)

@jca I appreciate it. I grew up swimming in the Chesapeake bay in Maryland… been stung more times than I can count, and now I’m practically immune (except for man-o-wars maybe). BUT, I never knew what a fluther was. I’m not sure a fluther of jellyfish could maintain their group in the bay. It’s no wonder I never witnessed one (a fluther), and hence never wondered what a group, family, flock, murder, etc. of them was called.

We called them jellyfish too, but never jellies, and now I am kin… imagine that :)
Thank you both by the way.

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Welcome to Fluther. Once you join you are considered a jelly. All of us a jellies!

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Yeah we’re all Jellies here. There are a few more inside Fluther jokes that may take time to get. I’m just letting you know they’re out there to avoid further confusion.

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Yeah – welcome to Fluther and continue to ask about anything that is confusing. We are happy to make outsiders insiders in our little pond.

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Je suis jelly.

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^There’s always one in every grouper.

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^^fishin’ for compliments.

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Members of the phylum Cnidaria, a variety of colorful people in this community, wrapped in gelatinous material all helping, guiding, advising, arguing, sometimes insulting but mostly all peacefully swimming towards a huge underwater mansion of many floors. Some are swimming round inside throwing parties for others, while the rest swim through the ocean called life all in need of constant communication.

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Oh, and don’t forget the lurve!

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You know when you wake up in the morn to go to your shitty ass job for meager rags and no appreciation? When you feel so dead and tired, like as if you’ve been binge drinking, but you haven’t? When it’s dark as charred fecal matter out there…Outside, where your frozen car waits to be brought back to life, greeting you with a sickly growl, only to sluggishly cater you to the blinded shuffle of the dead where health and happiness are destroyed, replaced with a slamming iron gate decorated with the bones of your past, which dooms you to lament your rebellious teenage years? Yeah? Where it’s dark in your mind because life is like a Stephen King book, only without any monsters anshit?

Well, a jelly is when you stumble from the dark and are greeted by a warm, toasty light…Then you have some toast, with bright, shiny bouncy happy jam on it! It gives you strength. It gives you hope. Sometimes, it ain’t your flavor, not right for your ass…But it always tastes so damn good! Like a sparkling droplet of blood which will forever die in a puddle of mud, drowned but not forgotten, like a nice flower growing in an ocean of congealed vomit.
Nice flowers, giving you allergies, toast, choking you with tiny crumbs, jelly, sticking on the side of your lips like a sore, no matter how many times you clean it…

That’s us! Bringing an uppity sting to life, yeah? Fuckin rites.

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Ich bin ein Jellyfish.

You are too.

Welcome to flutherville.

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It is Internet for “jealous”.
As in “Are you jealous?” becomes “You jelly?”

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If you live in Essex, England, you would say…“sha-up, you just well jell”

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A play on jealousy… that’s an interesting one.

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Does that mean folks who don’t know are jel-lus of us?

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Ba-boom DZING!

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What you really want to ask is why people keep saying “Damnit Janet!” That would be a good question to ask. ;)

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Angst, fervor, knowledge, uncertainty. There are a million stories out there, and jellies write them, ask questions about them, answer questions about them, argue about the questions and answers, and, “Does my butt look big to you?”
What else? Fluther is a family. Hodge-podge and self appointed, but family nonetheless.

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@Here2_4 but does it look big?

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^^ Yes, it does.

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^^^That’s what those pants are doing to @Yetanotheruser.

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@Yetanotheruser , but don’t worry. It is your smile which we notice, and it is beautiful.

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No problem, it’s just my jelly-butt!

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@Dutchess_III ! Don’t touch my button! (edited to say what I really meant!)

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Must I do it in pairs?

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