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Are snakes detectable by smell?

Asked by longgone (17904points) January 9th, 2015

A friend of mine claims the mice he feeds his snake are unable to smell the snake – because snakes are entirely odourless. Could this be true?

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No. Snakes, like a lot of reptiles, are covered with some pretty icky bacteria. It’s why you need to carefully wash your hands after handling a snake. And animals with good noses can smell them.

There are dogs that are very good snake hunters.

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Snakes have a smell. In the Everglades, my sister uses her GSD to track constrictors.

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Garter snakes smell like the dickens!

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Thanks, guys – that’s what I figured!

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In a word, no. Snakes stink. I always have to wash my hands after handling them.

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