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How to convert centimeter (cm) into feet (ft)?

Asked by Jaanusparky (1points) January 10th, 2015

help me to give me the accurate answer instead of approximate one.

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Just go to Google and enter it in the search box. For example, if it’s 25 cm, enter:

25 cm in feet

You will get the answer. It’s that easy! (The answer for 25 cm is 0.82 feet, by the way.)

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Here is a really useful way of solving conversion problems. The idea is that the units “cancel”.
Let X be the number of cm. We will use the conversion factor of 2.54 cm per inch.

(X cm) x (1 in/2.54 cm) x (1 ft/12 in). Do you see how the cm units are made to cancel and also the in units, because they are in the numerator in one term and then in the denominator of another. You end up with units in ft. Multiplying the terms you get X/(2.54×12)

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If you have any type of smartphone, “Theres an App for that.” (as the saying goes).

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You would need to use inches as well, feet and inches. Especially when converting a minimal number of centimetres such as 20, 20 centimetres equals 8 inches.

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