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How trustworthy is this YouTube about an asteroid hitting earth september 24, 2015?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 11th, 2015

It is all over YouTube.

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On a scale from 0 to 10, about 0.

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Another wacko religious end of the world prediction.

Don’t take it seriously/

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Remember all that shit about 12/12/12? This is similar.

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Just because it’s “all over YouTube” doesn’t give it any extra plausibility. It’s still a bunch of crap with a lot of page views.

There was a time when a piano playing cat was “all over YouTube” also. So what? It doesn’t mean he’s touring and people are paying real money for tickets, does it now.

There are lots of gullible people watching things on YT.

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I listen for news items like that and I haven’t heard anything.

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It is an Illuminati conspiracy!
Some french guy has said something about 500 days and also BIBLE! How are you not convinced?~

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Not at all. Do not worry.

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@ragingloli It could happen at any time without anyone knowing. Stuff happens. What ya gonna do?? BRING IT ON! I’ve already kissed my ass goodbye.

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Well, if it on YouTube or the internet it has to be true, right? (sarcasm)

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@prairierose – you beat me to it!

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Oh pleeeeeeze… Turn off your computer and go outdoors for a little fresh air and sunshine.

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I will ask our resident drinking buddy/stargazer this evening and get back to you.

and may I say that I am surprised @ragingloli rated it so high on the scale

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I am from the year 2016, and it didn’t happen.

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