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Does anyone wear one of those mouth guards at night to keep you from grinding your teeth?

Asked by chyna (45303points) January 13th, 2015

If so, does it work? Do you use it every night or did you wear it for a while and give it up? If so, why? Anything you can add would be useful.

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Yes, I do. I’ve used one for over 30 years, and it works great. Took 2 nights to get used to it, and after that, no problem. I started using it because I actually had a tooth split from all the grinding. The tooth could not be saved.
BTW, I’m still using the same teeth guard that was made for me over 30 years ago. It was custom-made, not one of those you can get at the local drugstore. If it’s well made, it can last that long.

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Could you swallow one? I’m uniquely talented and I can do some strange things?

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Yes. It helps a lot. Now I can’t fall asleep without it. Have had it about 20 years.

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I used to. My first one was great, the second one is not fitted correctly and hurts my teeth.

If you get one, make sure it is fitted well!

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I wore such a thing once & only once shall it remain. I woke the wife up because I was punching my pillow, muttering Yo Adrian”
Our marriage went through a brief Rocky period soon after, but we pulled through, she’s a knockout…shumbody stop meeee! :D

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My wife does and she says they are a big help. I sleep with a snore guard mouth piece and have been having the bet sleep of my life. I don’t wake up tired any more. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

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I tried one of the storebought kind a few years back. It lasted a week. I got tired of finding it on the pillow or in the sheets every morning so I gave up.

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@Adirondackwannabe You could get one like the kind the football players used to wear with the strap. The possible downside is that then you have to wear the helmet as well so you have something to attach it to. Of course, on the upside these days you have a large selection of stylish face masks to choose from and there are many team logos to choose from. I would suggest something from the Ducks, they seem to have a lot of flair

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@rojo Yeah, and the helmet would protect me on my nocturnal forays, so when I sleep crash it doesn’t hurt as much. Laughs

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There are two types of mouth guards, hard and soft.

I originally had to have a hard one because my jaw locked up from the pain of a wrongly diagnosed tooth needing a root canal.

It was pretty uncomfortable, but I didn’t have much choice if I ever wanted to open my mouth normally again.

However, when that situation resolved, I was fitted for one of the soft kind and that works really well. Because it was fitted so well over my bottom teeth, I’ve never had a problem with it falling out of my mouth and it works really well to prevent tooth grinding.

Ask the dentist whether your guard will be the hard kind or the soft one. If he’s insisting upon a hard one, he should explain why. Generally, the soft ones accomplish the same thing but are so much easier to deal with.

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I tried one for a couple of nights. It does keep you from grinding your teeth, but the problem I had with it, is because, even though it’s thin, it kept my lips from being completely closed and then I drooled, which was worse than the grinding.

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