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How has American popular culture been affected by reality shows such as Sons of Anarchy or Burning Bad?

Asked by Chris1967 (33points) January 16th, 2015

How is American pop-culture affected be these seemingly affected reality shows?

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“Nah, come on, man. Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass all a sudden at age, what, 60, he’s just gonna burn bad?”Jesse Pinkman

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“Breaking Bad?”

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The shows you mention are not “reality” shows, but I will answer speculating on the style of show I think you mean.

I believe a show like “24” has lowered the viewers objections to torturing potential or suspected terrorists. They root for Jack Bower to foil the evil terrorist plot, no holds barred. 20 years ago we wouldn’t have stood for the kind of police state tactics we have seen recently.

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Not that reality shows in any way reflect reality, but that’s not the genre of the shows that you specifically mention.

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Affected? No. These shows are just a reflection that people grew tired of play-it-safe milquetoast programming and want something a little bolder. Luckily on cable they don’t have to worry about FCC censorship.

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