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What is something you loved before they became popular?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) June 5th, 2009

Or, something you stuck to after they became ”so last year”.

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totalitarian states

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Rainbow suspenders.

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My children’s names.

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Skinny leg jeans!

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Dane Cook back when he was funny to people other than frat boy idiots.

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Kings of Leon

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texas hold’em poker. i played it 30 years ago

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Rilo Kiley.
I remember when their website had nothing but a picture of a possum and they sold underwear.

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My wife made it for me twenty-two years ago (she’s from Italy).

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Playing a druid in EverQuest.

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mp3s… been downloadin’ since 96!

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Jay Leno’s stand-up comedy act

I saw him many times at The Comedy Store, on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood, well before he took over as host of the Tonight Show, which, by the way, I rarely watched…I am a David Letterman fan…wtf

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tatts & piercings, iphone ( before it was out), shocking hair, celtic music, the goth look, sushi, stevia, organic food, world music, leggings, yoga, obama (i lived in hawaii), and geekiness

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I’m with @essieness with Kings of Leon. I’d also have to say…most bands that are referred to as “emo/scene/indie/etc” these days that have taken off in the last few years, and comic book movies.

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adding an X to the front and back of my various internet login names.

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Cooking shows… when they were mostly just weekend fare on PBS. Now everybody and their dog gets 30 minutes on TV to demonstrate how their mother taught them to boil pasta.

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@calvinette Good answer. I do miss those PBS cooking shows.

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With our digital converter box thingy, we get four pbs stations here, including once called Create. It has all kinds of great PBS cooking shows… Jacques Pepin, Lydia’s Italy, America’s Test Kitchen, among others. Much better to leave on in the background than GMA while I’m cleaning.

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flannel (though it’s obviously been popular more than once. i’m suffering to this time around haha). i don’t know if anyone is familiar with the outburst of flannel in the high-school aged crowd nearly everywhere recently, but my friend and i were pretty dead set on finding a good flannel about a year or 2 before the craze started. we found ours in the men’s sale section at some store, but we loved them anyway. then suddenly, BAM. forever 21 was selling them by the dozen in every colour you can imagine. but i don’t care, i love them regardless of popularity.

also, quite a few bands, but i don’t care to name them all, and i don’t know the timeline of pre-during-post fame of most of them. besides, loving music after it became more accessible doesn’t mean you love it less, so it doesn’t really matter. (:

i’m pretty sure there’s more, but i feel a little pretentious.

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Tattoos and peircings.

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Vegetarians and Vegans



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musical groups. I liked Manfred Mann back when he used to do cover songs of Bruce Springsteen’s very early work. UFO before they broke up and became the Michael Schenker group. The Presidents of the USA, I loved them the minute I heard the song Lump.

I also used to recycle and reuse stuff waaay back when before it became concerned with an Earth Day policy. It was called something else back then. It was called necessity.

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Shirts with button down collars.

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The Doors.

I bought their first album in January, 1967 and saw them in concert the next month.

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