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I have a question about lab work?

Asked by Fireice (8points) January 19th, 2015

Can somebody help I had lab work done my wbc is elevated my lymphocyte count is real low at 4% absolute lymphocyte count is 0.5, my neutrophils is high 86% I have fatigue, weight loss, enlarged spleen what does all this mean?

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What an excellent set of questions for a health professional.

I hope that you realize that trying to get accurate medical information from a bunch of anonymous fools on an internet site is pretty dumb. Especially when you have lab results.

Some clinic did your lab, and some doctor is going to look at the results.

Anyone who would attempt to diagnose you over the internet is quack.

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Could be a whole range of things, most pretty bad. As suggested, talk to a real doctor.

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Didn’t the doctor who ordered the blood work done discuss these results with you?

(Wicca and music seem like irrelevant and flippant tags, given the apparent gravity of your lab work.)

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What was your total WBC count? Your elevated % neutrophils is indicative of a bacterial infection.

A total WBC count of >25 X 10^3 per mm^3 is considered critical in most clinical labs. Doctors will order blood cultures with severely elevated WBC counts.

Hope that you feel better soon.

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