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How can I watch torrents I have downloaded on my TV?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) July 15th, 2007

I have downloaded some torrents to my MacBook Pro. I would like to watch them on my parents TV, but it is not a digital one. It's one of the old types with an RCA three pronged plug. The guy at the Apple store was not very helpful. Can I just buy a cord with an USB and RCA and use the TV like a monitor? Is there some other way of doing this?

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Apple makes a DVI to video adpater From that you would either need to find an s-video to Composite cable or a composite cable to connect to the tv.

Or you could go the non-apple route and get a DVI to Composite cable

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You can also transcode the video files to a DVD, burn it and watch it on DVD though it takes some work. Try for guides. The EASIEST thing to do if your files are in a divx or xvid format, buy a DVD player that can play divx files directly from a data disc. I HIGHLY recommend the Philips DVP642 or similar. About $50 retail.

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Torrent files a merely reference files. When downloaded they must opened with a BitTorrent client which will begin the download of the actual video files.

Get your parents an Apple TV. When the Apple TV is connected to the TV you will be able to watch the videos from your MacBook wirelessly.

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you might have to convert the video for the apple tv.

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@ Perchik: The third link you gave is actually for a component cable, not composite, so I don't think it would work with his parent's TV.

However, I think your first link should be perfect. DVI to composite adapter (and composite male-to-male cable) for video. Then get a 3.5mm to composite adapter for the audio.

To use an Apple TV, you would most likely need to convert the video files to make them compatible. I use Visual Hub and/or ffmpegx.

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Er good catch loupus, that was supposed to be component, I made a typo. If he wanted to go to a "RCA three pronged plug" I assumed he meant component. The cord should do what he wanted, just not a "dvi to composite" cord :D

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