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Natural pinkish looks......?

Asked by Roohee (1points) July 15th, 2007

Hello,I would like to know how can one get natural pinkish looks through foods?I even want to know if any supplement can help me achieve the same?

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Be more specific? Pink cheeks? There's a lot of body skin that usually doesn't get pink unless sunburnt or blushing or allergy. What is your natural skin pigmentation. I am very fair and tend to get brown spots and blotches when overexposed to sun. So I use a little blusher occasionally..The Victorian heroine pinched her cheeks.

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My understanding is that having pink color in your face is due to good health, good circulation, and healthy skin - and even then, not all people have it. Some vitamin supplements (I've seen it work with Vitamin D) can make your entire face red, but that's not the look you're going for. A good way to fake it is with a natural pink cheek and lip stain that stays on most of the day. Benetint by Benefit is great stuff, and looks really natural.

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well I saw this documentary on farm salmon , and they fed the fish pink food, so the fat looks pink. Artificial color is never a good idea in food

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