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Do you know of a couple who have managed to stay on really friendly terms with an ex spouse?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25280points) January 30th, 2015 from iPhone

Maybe the ex husband and wife still work together or live close to each other? Do you know of any situations where a (stable) couple have managed to live in harmony having close contact with one of their ex spouses? What about a situation where an ex and current partner have a close friendship? Can this situation work or do you think that there would ways be some animosity or jealousy?

If you’ve ever watched the TV show “Reba”, have you ever known a similar situation between the three people?

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My ex and I friends. Not close, but friends. We do things together and we assist each other in times of trouble. We do family things together with the kids. Yep. We’re good like that. Took us about 16 years, though.

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I know a few people who get along well with ex-spouses. One of them is a close friend who sometimes still works with him and when he broke up with a girlfriend and was devistated, it was my friend who got him the help he needed.

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All the stable people I know who are in a relationship, are still in the relationship.

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My Ex and I get along. We still have some business interests and will trade news of the kids occasionally. Since he has remarried recently there is more distance between us. We are not close friends but I would call him if I had no one else (not likely) to call in a crisis.

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My wife is on good terms with her ex-husband, and I am still close to several ex-girlfriends..

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My ex who I am good friends with works with his ex. They are a little unstable at times but they are there when they need each other. Sharing meals on weekends with the kids or carpooling when there is a problem. As well as sharing holidays with extended holidays. Its not all roses for them yet but I think it will head that direction.

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We have a retired couple that come to our auctions. Although divorced and living separately (presumably after a life together), it’s not unusual to see them sit at a table and split a plate of nachos.

My guess is that alcohol is involved, and she honestly doesn’t care what he does on his time, it’s just no longer going to be shared time.

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