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What is your unpopular opinion?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) January 30th, 2015

We have users who are shredded to pieces for their unpopular opinion.

Will you share your unpopular opinion so you can live in their shoes for a moment?

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I spend way to many hours at work listening to female co-workers talk about their feelings about management decisions. I am forced to sit there while they talk about how upset they are. I tell them to job hunt but realize they do not want practical advice, they just want me to confirm their complaints are valid.

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OK. Well I step up to the plate. I think a lot of mental, emotional, and physical conditions or imbalances are at the very least exacerbated if not caused by people’s unhealthy lifestyle.

We are our own greatest enemy all too often.

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- You don’t have to get on well with certain people to be considered sociable. You try to be friendly with someone but they don’t like you then how can you befriend with them? You can’t please everyone.

- We are human being, we need to stick to each other, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need space. Sometimes you need some time to be by yourself. Not having time for yourself can be tiring.

Well, I am just a bit frustrated that my family thinks I’m anti-social because I don’t get on well with some people and sometimes insist to be alone…

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Just visit my profile page here. Nuff said.

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Haha, I have absolutely zero unpopular opinions, my feet are firmly on the ground, well rounded, considered, a wide circle of friends, very popular & admired for my humour, personality & caring nature.
On here, the offended brigade play out their pathetic agenda from time to time, fabricate imagined flaws in me & generally show great weakness.
That’s okay though, it amuses as much as it bemuses :D

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How much time ya got?

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Well, for starters, I am an atheist/anti theist. I believe that we should place restrictions on who should and shouldn’t be allowed to produce offspring. I believe that organized religions should be treated with scrutiny, held accountable for their crimes against humanity, possibly banned, and/or shunned by the community. I think that as we move toward a fully self automated industry, we should seek to create an adequate social welfare program instead of striving to create more inane jobs. I belive that the notion “earn a living” will and should become an obsolete and primitive concept if our society manages to adapt. I think that a vast majority of opinions are uneducated and biased ramblings of people who can’t see beyond their own eyes. Oh and heteronormativity is stupid. I’m sure there are many more, but I’m not looking to get lynched or anything so we’ll stop there.

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I have plenty. I think feminism outgrew its usefulness decades ago, and now only propagates lies and causes unnecessary problems for both sexes. I think world peace is a terrible idea (something I won’t get into here), though peace should remain a goal. I think socialism is contrary to human nature, and requires brutal authoritarianism to survive – it cannot be a peaceful system. Regulated market Capitalism is the best we’ve got. I think welfare should be available to all, but just enough for people to survive. I think first world countries are on the path to collapse, and just don’t know it yet. I think most religions are poor ideas, but benign. Islam is the exception, and it lends itself to abuse and destruction of both adherents and non-adherents. I think the education system is designed for girls, and is failing boys. I think space exploration should be given a higher funding priority. And I think most top 40 songs don’t even qualify as music.

Yeah, I think I just torpedoed my popularity on here.

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Dead baby jokes are hilarious. Pop culture is the soul perpetrator of ignorance in our society. Money is a representation of how selfish all of us are and capitalism does nothing but encourage and enhance that selfishness. People who like reality tv should feel bad about themselves. It’s okay to feel bad about yourself sometimes. Not one of us is a special snowflake, we are insignificant grinding gears in an ultimately deterministic universe. People care more about luxury than anything else. Everything is going to end and mean nothing one day: our lives, this planet, this solar system, this galaxy, and even this universe. A majority of people subconsciously enslave themselves to their fears while living their life accordingly, then have the audacity to wonder why they’re miserable. And the only music that means anything anymore is (ironically) parody music.

I couldn’t help myself.

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@SloanFaunus I have been stared at in horror for many these opinions which seem logical to me but make others want to see me rot in hell!

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the colonies are the 4th reich.
And that is not an opinion, it is a fact.

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my profile page tells it all. I have to slap my hands many times to force myself not to give my opinion on much of the crap I read on this site. I have to walk away from the keyboard.

<perfect example right above my post>

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@ZEPHYRA At this point, even most of my own family has shunned me. I know the feeling.

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I think that the U.S. is too deferential in its treatment of Israel, and that Israel too often gets a pass for bad behavior. There’s a danger, when criticizing Israel, of appearing anti-semitic or insensitive to the historical travails of the Jews, so we don’t dare oppose anything Israel does.

Even as I type this, I worry that I will be considered anti-semitic, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Here’s one, there will be a handful of miserable buggers lurking on this thread, desperately searching for something/anything they can get their “rotten teeth” into.
“Popular, popular, never before has a boy wanted more…”

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George W Bush was actually a pretty good President. And he collects rainwater, generates wind power and is nice to Secret Service Agents. Al Gore is the first Carbon Credits Billionaire, and simply buys more Credits for his Lavish lifestyle.

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@ragingloli Lurve for reminding me of Die Arzte…haven’t listened to them in years.

I believe in the death penalty—in theory. Just don’t believe in the justice system—in practice.

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In my neck of the woods, my opinion that murdering one another with AK-47s is not a Constitutional right.

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Lots – maybe most of my opinions – are fairly unpopular. I even have a nasty habit of seeing where an argument can go if I take a position that I don’t necessarily hold. People hate the shit out of that – myself included.

But if I were to identify one position/opinion that I feel almost completely alone in, it’s probably: people who live in the suburbs or within close distance to other people and still use fire pits are awful, horrible people. People who play music outside their house are likely not worth keeping around. It would be in the best interest of society to eliminate them.

Also, I don’t believe in free will. If we were to re-run the big bang 1000 times, at this moment, I will always be typing this sentence.

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The USA should take on universal health care ,but get ripped to shreds by fright wingers saying it is the first step to communism,like all the other free countries on earth that have adopted it.
The Americans LOVE their private over priced ,clause ridden health insurance, and the poor can just go die.

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“Poor me, I am persecuted for my opinions.” – About what this thread amounts to.

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@Darth_Algar – Except that it doesn’t. We have had those types of threads here. This isn’t one of them. I was concerned that it would be, but then I read it. Is that an unpopular opinion?

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I love the honesty. Thanks everyone.

There’s no poor me here. That wasn’t my intention.

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I guess I should answer my own Q.

I think a parent should stay home until their children are out of grade school. I know that this is almost impossible for most parents these days, but there are many couples who can survive on one income. My gripe is with the parents who can’t stand the thought of staying with their own children all day and complain about how bored and unfulfilled they would be if they stayed home.

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I have one I have shared with only a few, select people: 9/11 was an inside job planned and coordinated by neocons inside the Bush administration. Also, all three World Trade Center buildings that collapsed were deliberately (and professionally) imploded through the use of shaped explosive charges placed in the buildings ahead of time.

I also have one I have shared with no one (until now): social, economic, religious and political (am I becoming redundant?) forms of conservative world views are unrecognized forms of mental illness, possibly related to the narcissistic personality disorder.

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I like @Hypocrisy_Central, and I think he should be treated equally and fairly, or at least he should be shown the same amount of respect that all jellies get. I also think most of Fluther is an asshole for tearing him a new one constantly, and I find it sad that it’s accepted behaviour here.
As far as what he talks about, it’s not like he’s the only one here with “unpopular” opinions, and he’s not the only one here who’s “offending”.

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Since this is a US-centric forum, I’ll stick with my views which I think would be most unpopular in the US.

I’m an atheist. Atheists are the most hated group in the US.

I’m a socialist. The US is probably the most anti-socialist country on Earth, where the doctrinal system is virulently opposed to socialism, and disseminates anti-socialist propaganda—misinforming people about what it is, what its ideals are, and what its history even is.

I’m an anti-capitalist. The US is probably the most pro-capitalist country on Earth, where the doctrinal system continually lauds and exalts the virtues of capitalist, and disseminates pro-capitalist propaganda—misinforming people about what it is, what its ideals are, and what its history even is.

I think US neo-colonialism and cynical geopolitical policies of recent decades are almost entirely to the cause of Islamism and the violent reactions of so-called Jihadists. The US supports authoritarian dictators where they just happen to support US political and corporate interests. The US destabilises entire countries where they just happen to be “socialist” or not aligned with US political and corporate interests—leaving power vacuums filled by even worse authoritarian dictators, or warlordism. The US continually supports the criminal actions of Israel, embittering and enraging millions in the region.

I think liberalism a naive and misguided ideology. This would be unpopular with about half of America.

I think contemporary conservatism is inane at best, and psychotic at worst. This would be unpopular with about the other half of America.

“Libertarianism” is disgusting Social Darwinism and mere “liberty” for the owner class to exploit, discriminate, and steal with impunity—whilst reproaching the poor for their own poverty. A morally bankrupt ideology that would create misery and psychosocial dysfunction on a scale not seen in centuries if ever seriously implemented. This accounts for my unpopularity with almost everyone else who is isn’t a liberal or a conservative.

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I don’t buy into the bullshit that says Fluther’s best days have been & gone.
I never came here to make “friends” or form bonds with anyone, nothing more than a Q&A site.

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that’s not what you were telling me last night XD

On a serious note, you know I agree with this. People lamenting the good old times, the golden days and whatnot…I assume most of that has to do with personal feelings rather than anything actually related to the site. People who lost their cliques or who are no longer revered by every which fucker, or who blast the mod team as being shitty compared to before because they got like, one comment modded, and they take it personal all the way up the ass haha.

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Haha, why @Symbeline, you know very well that was no more than a pity fuck :D

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you mean titty fuck amirite? XD

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Took me a while to find them, but yeah, I probably did :D

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Whatever answer in this thread gets the most GAs is the most inaccurate, at least in the immediate and secondary contexts.

I think revenge is fine as long the only one that suffers is the transgressor. I’ve had mine and it felt good.

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@Symbeline and @ucme my unpopular opinion is it is OK to miss certain people who have left and that is not necessarily living in the past or lamenting the alleged downfall of fluther. But you are right over all this site is what we put into it. And there are enough people who still see a future in it.

But is @Hypocrisy_Central really all that mistreated? He seems to like stirring the pot and the results. I rarely agree with him but I usually always enjoy his threads. If he does end up picked on someone usually stands up for him. Or that is my take.

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@Unbroken my unpopular opinion is it is OK to miss certain people who have left and that is not necessarily living in the past or lamenting the alleged downfall of fluther.

Not saying it is. In fact it’s very different. I miss some people, and while some may have left because they didn’t like Fluther anymore, missing peeps and the old times is not the same.
I admit though, this can be very different from person to person. Some might invest more time, interest or passion in the site and its denizens than I do. But no matter the perception, in the time that I have been here, the place changes very little aside from traffic. But maybe it was really different before, too.

But is @Hypocrisy_Central really all that mistreated? He seems to like stirring the pot and the results. I rarely agree with him but I usually always enjoy his threads. If he does end up picked on someone usually stands up for him. Or that is my take.

He is. Everytime he’s in a debate, people will flame him and accuse him of all sorts of shit. Many times it’s uncalled for, and it’s not even constructive. Sometimes he gets attacked out of nowhere when he didn’t even barely say dick. And it just stands. Part of Fluther’s traditions is treating that jelly like shit.
It pisses me off on two counts. One is that I do not believe that Hypo is intentionally stirring the pot, but others ARE by flaming him. Hypocrites. He’s presenting his views and beliefs. They are unpopular, but he should be able to make a question or answer without being insulted and attacked.
Second is, when someone else stirs the pot or causes trouble on the site, the treatment they receive from the collective is much less severe than what Hypo gets. I remember when I made his 2k party, someone called him a piece of shit openly. I left it there for a few days to see if it would get modded, and it never did, not until I flagged it. This means no one flagged it.


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Telling a 20 yr old that he shouldn’t be driving to Chicago when a winter storm is only a few hours away is apparently an unpopular opinion. We are expecting 10 inches of snow and it will only get worse the closer he gets to Chicago. He thinks they are going to return late tomorrow, just when the winds will pick up and possible blizzard conditions. He just left.

I was young once and would have probably done the same, but damn that puts a lot of stress on us. ugh

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My Sister-in-Law and her family favor a decidedly more liberal bent than I. She gives me the evil eye when she, and her father have been discussing wanting to move south to get away from Chicago winters. I merely said they could wait and Chicago should be a garden spot in a couple years. My brother had some trouble swallowing his drink. My comment just kinda popped out there, I didn’t mean to poke the bear.

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@Symbeline and @ucme
If anything, most of the old time users (i.e. most users who were here during 2009 before the massive Q&A diasporas) were dicks. Examples include: a manchild obsessed with a theme park and a few users who were into underaged girls. I also remember showing my face to the chatroom around 2010/11 and someone actually had the nerve to say that I look like a gorilla—when she is no looker herself. I’m glad some of these “veterans” are gone and they can eat a buffet of dicks.

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Yeah, I remember the guy who wanted to fuck his niece up the ass. He was also on AB, and when I stopped talking to him after the niece question, he sent me a few e-mails with viruses in them. Jerk ass.

And lol, buffet of dicks.

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Ooh, I have a lot of these:

-Either there should be no conscription at all, or women should be conscripted along with men. I probably lean more toward the former.
-American society is over-medicated. I don’t necessarily think Western medicine is the be-all end-all for everything.
-A lot of what we call “ADD” is really just normal behavior, especially for young boys; the problem is that school is geared toward the way girls learn and boys sometimes have trouble learning that way (i.e. sitting still and quiet). And then we bring on the medication.
-Marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes. Even if alcohol and tobacco were illegal, I’d still support the legalization of marijuana.
-I believe some religions simply are more likely to breed violence than others.
-Homosexuality isn’t a choice, but it wouldn’t somehow be less “valid” if it were.


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The underprivileged in our society deserve help and the people who are sitting comfortably should have to pay into a system that helps them.

There are very real problems that pure free market capitalism can’t solve.

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Punitive imprisonment is barbaric and largely unnecessary, and those who buy into the “lock em up” mentality have been brainwashed by the prison industry.

Parents who choose to not vaccinate their children should have their medical decision-making authority over those children revoked. And they should be criminally prosecuted if it can be shown that their unvaccinated children infected other people.

People who cannot bring themselves to kill an animal have no business eating meat, milk, or eggs.

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I’m ok with the fat acceptance movement, even though I’m aware of the health issues.

Some women just look great fat.

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@Symbeline I will defer to you as you are more interactive and have been for quite some time.

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I would like the punitive mindset to vanish, concerning children, convicts and animals. I don’t ever see the point of it.

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This planet doesn’t have nearly enough people. What we need is forced fertilization, so that we can have a much needed population bomb!

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