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Irony? Justice? or Politics as usual?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28884points) February 9th, 2015

Remember the politician who wanted to drug test welfare recipients?


Busted for cocaine…. link

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

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But he said he was sorry.~

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He is still innocent until proven guilty.

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@talljasperman, he’s admitted he’s guilty. Let’s hope this helps him develop some compassion for other people who are arrested for drug usage.

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From a legal standpoint yes, however in politics public perception, not legality, is what matters. Besides, people usually don’t get busted for possession of drugs unless they are in possession of drugs.

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Politicians are just like welfare recipients.

They do little or nothing that produces wealth (unless you call running for office productive) and they get paid with taxpayer money no matter what

So what is your point?

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He will be on welfare after getting out of jail… at least he will get checked for his cocaine addiction.

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I had been thinking anyway that we should drug test all candidates for office, and as part of the swearing-in ceremony, they should have to duck behind a “privacy curtain” (but still in public) and provide a fresh sample – as part of the ridiculous charade that they think is appropriate for us “subjects”.

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@talljasperman “He will be on welfare after getting out of jail”

Nah. Like most politicians he was a wealthy businessman before he entered politics (and $5 says he owns stock in the company contracted to do the state’s welfare drug tests).

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The article said he says he’ll seek treatment. That will probably be as part of a plea bargain where he avoids jail time. He will remain a politician unless he either steps down or is impeached, which, it doesn’t seem likely will happen.

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We could throw in a “thou dost protest too much” also.

He isn’t on welfare, although he is paid with public funds. It isn’t the same though. It certainly is embarrassing. What an asshole.

Most of the outrage over testing welfare recipients I think was the assumption people on welfare are mostly addicts and deadbeats.

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The article is from 2013, and he did resign from office.

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I’d be more surprised if there was a politician who wasn’t doing coke. They’re some of the most rich and powerful people on the planet (and practically untouchable) and cocaine is a helluva drug. I mean what would you do all day if your only job was to accept under the table cash for voting yay or nay on a couple of bills that squeeze a few more droplets of blood out of the middle class?

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Bush was (and who knows, may still be) a cokehead and no one can tell me This Guy didn’t enjoy a little mind altering substance now and again.

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Both Obama and Bush have spoken candidly about past drug use.

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