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Does it really make a difference what kind of vinegar you use?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 14th, 2015

I bought several gallons of cider vinegar for $1 each.

Is there any real reason I can’t use this in my laundry in place of white vinegar?

I know that in cooking cider vinegar imparts more flavor, but is there any other real, substantive difference for cleaning, weed control, etc.?

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Well, does cider vinegar have a brown color to it? That could stain your clothes.

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I’d check on clothes you don’t care about being discolored first. Maybe your underwear? I think it would get a light reddish brown but I don’t know.

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For what reason do you use vinegar regularly in your laundry? Or even occasionally?

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For the same reason, I imagine, that I use it to clean my floors. It’s a mild acid, makes a great cleaning agent.

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I use only vinegar also as a cleaning agent but would not want my clothes smelling like vinaigrette.

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I use vinegar to reduce laundry odor, mainly, but there are a number of reasons.

That site does say white vinegar only, if you care about the fabrics.

It leaves no smell whatsoever if added at the beginning cycle.

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Vinegar helps to relax the fibres in fabrics and subsequently helps to remove lint and other material that might be clinging. So a small amount of vinegar in your final rinse can help get rid of lint, tissue remnants etc.

I wouldn’t use a brown coloured vinegar in case it stains your clothes (as has been stated).

It’s also good for cleaning your washing machine. You use it together with baking powder.

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And why would I want my underwear to be “discolored”, @keobooks?? Yikes. Mybe my earth-tone towels!

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Because, generally, people don’t see your underwear @ibstubro.

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[Mod says] Moved to Social with OP’s permission.

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Well, I’m sure the blood and the bones sticking out would mask your funky brown undies, @ibstubro!

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If you did it right, people would think it was tie-dye.

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^ Yeah. Like your Grampa’s.

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God no.. my grandpa wore huge boxer-brief things that went almost to his knees. They were not cool in the least.

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I wouldn’t want that smell in my clothes and they all smell pretty much the same to me.

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You might try glancing through the answers in the threads before you respond @Safie. This, for example.

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