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Do you like pickled vegetables?

Asked by Kardamom (32562points) November 19th, 2017

Even if you like what most Americans refer to as pickles, which are pickled cucumbers, do you like any other pickled vegetables, if so which ones, and do you have any recipes you can link?

I was just posting on another Q and I brought up Banh Mi Sandwiches which usually feature pickled carrots and daikon. I’ve made my own vegetarian versions of banh mi sammies, and the pickled veggies really give them a wonderful, distinctive flavor.

When I was a kid, I would not touch any pickled vegetables except pickled cucumbers. When I was in my 20’s and became a vegetarian, a whole new world of wonderful foods was opened up to me, and pickled vegetables became an option that changed my whole attitude about food. Now I love almost all pickled veggies.

I have to say that I have yet to find a pickled beet that I enjoy. That is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t looked very hard to find one. I like raw beets, and roasted beets, but most of the pickled beets you see, are still the mushy canned beets that you used to see in 70’s era salad bars. Yuck!

Anyway, I have eaten, and made, all sorts of pickled vegetables and I love them. Most of the ones I’ve made were of the “quick pickle” or “refrigerator pickle” variety. This chef doesn’t do canning. I especially like pickled carrots, and pickled garlic.

So, do any of you like pickled veggies?

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No. I also don’t like pickled boyfriends.

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Just cucumbers, for me. But I love the newer types out. There are dills with hot sauce in the juice, and some zesty garlic dills. I tried one recently that had tobasco in it, and was disappointed.

I can do pickled peppers, but usually I’d just rather eat the raw pepper.

I can also do pickled okra, but that’s just because of my love for okra.

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No. Why adulterate a perfectly good veggie by pickling it?

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Napa cabbage kimchi, daikon radish, pickled ginger, jalapenos, beets and sauerkraut. All are items in my refrigerator ! Oh and four different kinds of pickled cucumbers.

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Only pickled cucumbers. I also like to drink the pickle juice.

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Yes, but I’d rather have pickled eggs.

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I love kim chi especially.

I also like pickled okra, pickled asparagus, and other veggie pickles.

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I’ve at the very least, liked all the pickled vegetables I’ve tried. I just about lived on half-sours when I was in university. Used to keep a jar of them on top of a giant speaker – so I could grab a quick midnight snack. Delicious. I prefer proper jarred/canned pickles to the quicker refrigerator pickle – get better density of flavour that way.

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I usually have garlic dill pickles, pepperoncini, and sauerkraut in my fridge.

Spicy giardiniera is good too – mixed pickled carrots, caulfilower, and peppers with oil. I buy that a few times a year.

I like pickled beets and kimchi and okra is OK. I guess I like all pickled vegetables, but no thanks on the eggs & pigs feet.

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