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Is anyone from New York?

Asked by NYChris (26points) July 15th, 2007 from iPhone
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No. No one.

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I go to school in New York.

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City (9.2 million pop.) or state (10.2 million)? I live in the state.There should be a few flutherers out of that mass of people.

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I'm nearby in New Jersey

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I grew up in Manhattan. Went to ps 6 and ps 167. Now I live out west (Seattle).

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I'm from Upstate, not NYC - so, not sure if that counts. Any reason for your question?

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i live in NJ which is a 20-minute drive from Manhattan

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just curious. I work on Westside of manhattan.

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@figbash; where in upstate? I am between Albany and Pittsfield, MA. I lived in Manhattan for a while when my kids were little. My son went to PS 6 also.

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Yes I have lived here all 52 years.

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