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Have you ever played truant?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14749points) June 23rd, 2014

If so, why?

Care to share your “school illegal day-off” stories?

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I plead the 5th, but life turned out pretty good either way.

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Many times. The most notable was with a girlfriend back when I was sixteen. We spent the day reading out loud to each other on her roof. We drank iced coffee and threw pancakes over the edge like flying saucers.

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88 days in grade seven, from being bullied, 55 days in grade eight, and 29 in grade nine. Then I became the tallest person in school… and could fight back. Just had to hide until my dad goes to work then sneek back in side and watch tv and play Nintendo.

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I never played truant, but I ditched school quite frequently, from the 4th grade up to the 12th.

Why? I was bored. School sucks and they just didn’t know how to keep me entertained with all their incredible bull shiite.

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@Dan_Lyons I’m feeling for you… I had the same reasons too.

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@rory why did you send off those pancakes?

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Played? No, I never played truant, I made it a work of art.

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I never played in my mind. I missed a lot of school in 10th grade, that was really the biggest year of not showing up, because I was exhausted in the morning and didn’t go. I never skipped out once there. In 12th grade I could be later every day, because my first period teacher didn’t care. It was a class for a grade, Injust helped him. It was a Godsend. I finally made it to school every day and got great grades that final semester. I finished school mid senior year.

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I took the occasional “mental health” day with my parents’ knowledge, and I was often sick for real. Nothing serious, just colds and such…when I was seventeen, I played truant properly – skipping out for an hour during school – for the first time. I had friends who did. However, that only happened about five times in total.

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No. I loved school and was surprised when I learned that not everyone felt the same.

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OMG, we had a teacher’s strike when I was senior. We went in for our regents class, then went out to keg parties for most of two weeks. Other times we didn’t need a reason. We just went out.

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So often. I’d say it’s one of my finest skill-sets.

I think it was during my junior year that my father was working day-turn, so he would leave for work when I would leave for school. One time, he went to work, and instead of going to school I invited a bunch of my friends over to have a party. Literally. 7 AM bangin’ whiskey shots. It wasn’t one of my finer ideas, to be honest.

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No because at my lovely Catholic school, if you had an absence without permission from your parents or doctor, you would loose 2 points off every grade for each day you were absent. You would also be denied ability to be on the honor roll. I only made the honor roll once anyway.

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In my day it was called “cutting” or “cutting class.” You could also “cut the whole day.” I was not the cutting type, really. By the time I got to senior year, I had so many credits that I got out of school at 1:00 pm. It was not too much effort to be at school till 1 pm.

In my mom’s day, it was called “playing hooky.”

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I was voted “senior seldom seen” in our high school yearbook.

I still managed to graduate 2nd in my class.

a class of 28 students

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I really didn’t until my senior year – by then I was pretty burned out on school AND I was allowed to drive to school; a lethal combination. Before that, I lived too far from the school to have anywhere to go.

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You know @Mimishu1995 by 1971 or 72 the schools were forced to accept an excuse written by the student for tardy or absent if the student had reached 18 yrs old.

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