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New apps in App Store tomorrow?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) July 14th, 2008

New music usually packs the store every Tuesday, so do you think we’ll see more apps tomorrow? I sure hope so!

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I hope so too, I’ve seen Tap Tap Revenge go in there after the initial release so maybe it’s a constant thing. Difficult to tell when the “new apps” section is always the same! I also find it funny the the Remote app is in the list twice!

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I’ve been coming across new apps each and every day?
dunno about you.

Yea the “new apps” doesn’t seem to work though, but from what I’ve seen either I totally ignored something or seriously new apps keep coming out, dunno, we’ll see I hope so!

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I mean, NEW apps. Like something refreshing and not 8 different versions of a flashlight.

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Yeah I thought I totally ignored the Tap tap game, but on second thought I realised it had been released later.
Some apps are updating already, like the AP News one.
Once things get rolling there’s this one guy who’s going an iApp a Week thing which sounds pretty groovy. Give it a few days and more should be heading in.
I’m suprised there aren’t more google entries…

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On Installer there was a guy that did the one app a day thing for 30 days, it was great. Except the quality of the apps, eh so so.

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Yeah i think it’s the same guy.

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Well, a week gives him more time to develop better apps, so sure I’ll try it out.

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Some apps came out today if you’ve noticed, but not many.

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Well, I was referring to the NEW applications Apple lists in the store. For example

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I don’t understand that because those aren’t new, those are just the top downloaded apps..

Really it is, go to top downloaded and you’ll see that same list.

I think someone messed up with the list names lol

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No they’ve got the high numbers BECAUSE they’re there in the front. Super Monkey Ball is the top app in the store. Those apps in the NEW list were there from launch, and still are.

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New CDs are always released on Tuesday. It’s an industry standard. New apps are added all the time.

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Ah cheers iJimmy, that’s cleared it up for me.

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