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To the men, what are three things you wish more women knew?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) July 14th, 2008

There has been a question about what women wish men knew. Guys, what do you wish the ladies knew about you personally, or about men in general?

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That every man, no matter what he says wants to get into your pants.

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@crunchaweezy Was that all three? Just repeat twice more?

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That every guy is not like the guys you see on television who are pigs.

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I wish that the girls who think that “all guys are the same” would come to the realisation that the problem lies in them dating the same type of guys, and not with men in general.

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@La_chica_gomela I have learned something about men from this question. They can’t count. :D

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1. Sarcasim/male humor

2.some of us males have brains and really do care about you.

3. Never ask questions like, “Does this dress make me look fat, be honest now.” because we’ll always say no, even if it does. And never ask us for general fashon advice, because we know nothing about women fashon.

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@SlientlyLogical I am giving you lurve for being able to count.

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1. i agree with SilentlyLogical sense of humor is so important and the cause of many misunderstandings.
2. that if we don’t “finish” during sex it’s not necessarily something the girl is doing wrong
3. that we hurt too.

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@marina: yes I know its four but i tried to slip it in and prayed no one noticed it.

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sometimes we want to cuddle

Sometimes we just want alone time. We still love you.

That it is ok to just ask for stuff. For some reason women make statements in which we have to pick out what they want for dinner or what movie to see. Yes women, sometimes we just don’t get the hint. I think are brains are smaller.

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1.We hate, hate, hate sex in the city.
2.We truly may love you, but seeing you naked all the time ruins the times we want a little suspense.
3.We all love grilled food and thongs…even the gay gentlemen out there and vegans…(they’re just repressed that’s all-the vegans that is :P)

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@cyrusbond – I take offense to your vegan slandering. What did they ever do to you? And what relevance did it have to this question?

P.S- Grilled food still includes grilled vegetables and other yummy treats. =] So vegans enjoy grilled food just as well as you.

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For fucking sakes, Trance. I’m sorry, but that’s too much drama for me to read someone saying that they take offense from a joke that mentions vegans. Drill, much? Taking offense, to an online message, likely non-relative, wow. Man, here’s some advice. Lay-off the drama.

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1. That they should use their feminine ‘powers’ for good, never evil
2. That if they deal with their inner issues that they will find better relationships.
3. That they are to blame for some of the situations they find themselves in, not whatever men happen to be in their life, or happen to be standing close to them.

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@noraasnave Thank you for #3, that drives me crazy about people!

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@noraasnave & dragonflyfaith Me too, but it is not gender-specific. Many men do the same thing.

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1. when we say nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong…
2. when we say “I know where I’m going”, we actually mean “I’m lost”
3. When we say “you look beautiful”, it’s because you do
I really think we need 2 extra answers
4. We do have feelings too, hidden somewhere, but we do.
5. When you want to drive our car and we say “sure hunny” we actually mean “you know I don’t want to, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings so go ahead”

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1. When I’m engrossed in a book or a really good show on tv and you try to initiate a conversation with me, I may respond but I won’t remember a word of it. Read Marina’s answer to this question.

2. I need “alone time.” Badly. When I’m out in the garage, enjoying a beer and rearranging my tools, it doesn’t mean that I’m upset at you and trying to escape. I’m just…trying to escape. From everyone.

3. If I glance at a woman, it does not mean I am planning to seduce her, abandon you, grow a goatee, or change my name to “Roberto.” Not that there’s anything wrong with the name “Roberto,” may I add. Men react, innocuously, to visual stimuli.

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Haha! I love it Knotmyday!

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also see “”

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@bugmenot – Pull the stick out of your bum. If anything you jumped all over me more then I did you.

Lets just drop it?


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1. Not all men think extra large breasts are better.
2. The media’s portrayal of men is, at best erroneous and at worst slanderous, and that your and our impressions of men are, to some degree, influenced by this portrayal.
3. Insecurity on your part does not constitute disapproval (or an emergency) on ours.

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1. i wish she could tell how bad i want her without going thru all the drama.
2. when men say “i love you,” your response should not be “thank you.”
3. when we call you just to see how your day is going, we really mean that.

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the list could go on and on.
All are equally important.

Just remember to love your man

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I can only speak for myself

1. I need you as much, if not more, than you need me

2. I am not as self assured as I seem

3. Yes I think about sex all the time, but it IS

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(cont.) about you, doesn’t have to be 24/7, and we don’t have to try everything we just have to feel ok bringing it up.

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1. Human relationships are much more complicated than reducing things to “I’m a man, so this is how I tick” and “I’m a woman, and women need…”. Men need to feel valued just like women do, they’re human for goodness’ sake.

2. Men are generally willing to exchange something great for something great… Like, I will be fiercely loyal and lay down my life in exchange for eternal companionship. But ask me to notice to pick up something off the floor in exchange for fierce loyalty from my wife, and for some reason, I miss it altogether. I can’t necessarily explain why either.

3. Men can’t possibly have the same level of bonding with giving life to a child that women can; biologically they cannot carry the baby. Some of us stand in awe of the strength a mother has in passing through the shadow of death to give life, and won’t fly the coop when we get the news that we’ll be a father. Despite what Hollywood seems to think of fathers these days.

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