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We are going camping, and my dad really wants to go fishing as well.

Asked by BevinDorm (77points) February 26th, 2015

What are the best carp baits to use?

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If there is a sporting goods or bait store in the area where you are camping, they can give you advice.

In general, worms work. Also, here’s a site that says carp like creamed corn.

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Corn works, as well as dough balls, but why do you want to catch carp?

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Here you go, The seven best carp baits.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

PS I would go the sweetcorn route. It is probably the cheapest and easiest to get. Plus if you don’t catch any fish, at least you will still have something to eat.

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Haven’t been fishing in years, but one of the most successful baits I remember was a cheesy dough bait. We went out on the river and in about 3 hours had enough bullheads and catfish to do dinner for 10!. We always threw the carp back.

Sometime later I found that carp can be prepared in a flavorful way.

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