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fly-fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Asked by occ (4179points) June 19th, 2007

My mom and my grandfather are going on a trip to Jackson Hole. My grandfather is 83 and has always wanted to try fly-fishing. However, all the fly-fishing guides seem to charge a fortune--my mom couldn't find anything for less than $350 per person. They don't need a fancy tour--they just need someone who is an experienced angler to take them out for a couple of hours, do a demo, and let them try! It needs to be somewhere accessible for my grandfather who can't hike--he can walk slowly for short distances...they are New Yorkers--not experienced with the outdoors so they can't just rent equipment and go on their own. Anyideas??

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if they are willing to venture out from jackson, big sky is not that far away in northern wyoming and southern montana, and i think there is lots of fly fishing out there and probably much more affordable than jackson hole. and it's gorgeous country.

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Hm. Your grandpa is 83 and has always wanted to fly fish? And they are going to Jackson Hole? Fishing guides are expensive but are worth it if you're really interested in having a fly fishing experience. Guides take care of everything including meals, casting instruction, and actually facilitate the catching of trout. They will take you to the right spots, tie knots, take photos and make life easy, especially for beginners. Also, a typical day fishing in Jackson Hole is likely to be a float trip on the Snake River (read: your grandpa won't have to hike or fight river current).

Now if they just want to rent fly rods and cast a bit they probably can do that but it won't measure up to a guided day in one of the West's fly fishing meccas!

Other things to note: 1) sometimes you can find guides who will charge a flat rate for two people; 2) you may be able to find a guide who does half days for less $; and 3) it is customary to tip guides $50-100 on top of their day rate.

Best place to start in Jackson: Make sure to ask what is and is not included in a day of fishing (will guide supply the rods, etc.)

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I lived in Montana and drove a semi-truck threw Jackson Hole plus else where. May I suggest for this is to find a nice Motel close to where you want to go fishing. In the morning just go to there swimming pool with a pole and throw it in to see what you might catch. Fishing out there is one of the local scams they use to make money off the ignorant people that want to go out there to fish for trout. Hireing a guide for fishing is like hireing a 6 year old to find you an ice cream shop. He knows where it is and what is in it but you may or may not get a thing on any particular day unless the guide has an extra fish in his bucket. I’ve fished the Yellowstone at differant places since I lived out there at one time. Never did I catch a thing other then snags. I fished at a town Called Threeforks where 3 rivers come together to form the Missouri River. I got a few white cats and alot of snags. BUT, I went to a private pond right close to there and got several nice reinbow trout with a hook, bobber, and a peice of red velvet. My advise is forget the rivers cause the catches are few and far between and forget paying someone to guide you to a “Fishing hole”. It’s a scam like hireing someone to hunt for a deer when the things are eating the flowers in your own back yard!!!

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