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If you were an inch tall how would you build a campfire?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10206points) December 27th, 2016 from iPhone

If you were an inch tall how would you build a campfire?

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I don’t think building it would be the biggest challenge. Friction is the basic principle behind most fire starting techniques. Friction ,even a small amount, would still ignite something flammable.

Keeping it burning, or should I say finding a decent fuel would be hard. Most small things would burn quickly and then the fire would go out.

Maybe you could find a slow burning mushroom, and ignite that… You couldn’t get it going too big, or you might be too slow to run away. Being so small,but with our anatomy and physiology ,you wouldn’t be able to cover ground quickly.

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By building it I mean building a successful camp fire. Not a small fire that just burns up in moments.

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I think the answer is you have to build a full size campfire, ignite it, and stand at a safe distance with ember shielding shelter.

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How would you move the fuel source(presumably pieces of wood) at 1 inch tall?

If the question is specifically centered on an actual “life sized” camp fire, the logistics of moving gigantic objects is the real problem. Kind of like asking how did they build the pyramids…

That would require tool making skills,some type of pulley system with multiple pulleys and maybe even some 1 inch horses or elephants…. And the task becomes much close to impossible.

Plus,at 1 inch tall, you just moved WAY down the food chain. A cockroach would be a formidable opponent to come across looking for wood….

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I have to agree with you. You’d need a full sized fire to get enough natural draw. You might manage a small one if you come up with a bellows or air pump mechanism.
The laws of physics are hard to beat.

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With pine needles.

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You’d need to control bot the size and duration of the burn. That could be accomplished with something flammable like coal oil or wax and a wick. A pot of oil with a cover and a wick sticking through the cover would do it. A small controlled flame that would last quite a while. Same principle as a lantern.

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Gather a dozen of us & use a foot?

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Starting the fire will present the greatest challenge. I could see 2 plausible ways. One be with a wood matchstick on a fulcrum struck against the strike surface. The other would be a 9 volt battery and steel wool. Just log onto your Amazon prime and order the battery, steel wool and a couple large bags of potato chips. 2 days later the boxes arrive…touch the steel wool to the battery and poof instant fire and burn the chips one at a time and you will have a nice warm fire all night long.

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I wouldn’t, I’d squeeze under somebodies door and sit by their fire. haha

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@ucme what do you mean use a foot?

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A dozen inches = a foot…well, you asked.

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Grab a zippo, light that and there you go. The flame won’t go out until you close the lid. Then grab those small marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal, stick em on a tooth pick and hmmmmm, butane roasted marshmallows.

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