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What would be a beneficial minor for a Nursing major?

Asked by SarahHughesmar96 (16points) March 2nd, 2015

I am a nursing major and I want to minor in something. I don’t know for sure which minor would be the most beneficial to me. I was thinking Biology or Family Science. But lately I have been thinking that either Spanish or Social Work might be a good option too? Any thoughts?

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Spanish. There are places here in the U.S. where being fluent in Spanish (and medical terminology in the language) is critical. It will increase your job prospects and make you a better nurse.

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Personally, do you think that Family Science and Biology together would be beneficial? Sorry, I am just very indecisive.

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I was going to say Spanish, too! It’s useful in almost any field in the USA. My brother is in medical school now and one of the required classes he had to take was on Spanish medical terms and emergency communication.

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What is Family Science?

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My wife has been a Nursing Professor for 28 years. She says spanish would be a really good one.

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Family Science is how family dynamics are effected in different situations.

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Computer Programming
Sign Language
Anything research related
Child Development
Physiology/Exercise Science

You really can’t go wrong. Nursing has infinite applications.

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Social Work is a great idea if you are interested in it. Social Workers who act as liaisons in treatment for elderly patients is a good field if you get tired of doing nursing. Having the nursing background is a huge plus.

Spanish is useful if you live in a place with a large Spanish population, but I’m not sure I would actually minor in it. Maybe take a year for basics and then study up on lingo related to your field. Taking a minor in Spanish likely won’t focus on a ton of medical lingo. However, I do think being fluent in a second language is a great thing. I would say if you can opt for a semester abroad instead and learn a language more intensely that way, go for that full immersion experience in lieu of a minor.

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