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What is the best place to get a tattoo for a woman?

Asked by SarahHughesmar96 (16points) March 2nd, 2015

I am getting a matching tattoo with my uncle this summer. I just don’t know where I want to place it. It has to be in a place where I can easily cover it up, because of my future job. Where is the best place to get a tattoo with the least amount of pain?

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What about your side? Easily coverable and I don’t think it’d hurt because there aren’t too many nerve endings there.

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You want a place that’s not next to bones, mostly. I’d say go for the upper arm – tats there are usually easy to cover with most professional-type shirts. Whatever you do, don’t go for the tramp stamp!

@dxs I have a buddy who got a tree on his side, just an inch or two down from his armpit. He said it hurt pretty badly because the ribs are right there. But maybe if it were done further down, like on the belly, that’d be less painful?

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The iliac crest (hip bone) is always a good place.

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Back shoulder.

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@wildpotato Yeah that’s what came to mind, not up towards the ribs. Thanks for clarifying.

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I’ve always liked when girls have a tattoo on the back of their neck just under the hairline, or a little further down between her shoulder blades.

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People tolerate tattoos differently. It’s always preached that areas where there’s bone is the worst, but I’ve had my ribs and my collarbone tattooed and neither bothered me (in fact, I fell asleep during my first round on my ribs). Actually, the only time I thought a tattoo was painful was on the chub. I think universally, shoulder blades are a good spot (again, didn’t bother me at all). Consider the type of clothing you’ll be wearing to cover it, size of the tattoo, and where your clothing lies (to avoid chafing; eg, bra). I also recommend going into the shop and asking. They can do a stencil. One of my tattoos is very geometrical and posed some trouble for placement. Hope this helps some.

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You might like to Google “tattoo pain chart” for a general idea of pain levels, but like @PriceisRightx26 said, pain does differ across people (and their parts).

I had mine placed on my ribs and didn’t find it painful. I could feel the vibrations to my toes, though! A friend had hers on the middle of her back – her parents never found out til her shirt got soaked through at the beach a couple of years later.

I’d avoid the tummy area ‘til I’ve had enough kids cos STRETCHING. >A<

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