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Does anyone own a drone?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13177points) March 7th, 2015

My husband would really like a drone for his birthday. I’ve started doing some research, but I wondered if anyone here owns and flies a drone and what advice and tips they might share to help me decide which one to buy him. Given he never asks for anything for himself, I’m okay with not buying a really cheap one but I don’t want to spend a fortune either.

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Do you mean like a quadcopter? “drones” used to be anything semi-autonomous, but it’s the most common name for quadcopters now too

I think they’re getting pretty good at this point, but the range of prices is huge, so that’s the big question.

I got one of these for my dad. It’s under $50, a lot of fun, and is kind of in between a toy and serious bidness. I’m amazed how well it flies and corrects, but really it’s just for flying around, and the price reflects that. They make one with a camera, but the video quality is so low I didn’t go for that.

A guy at the office space I work at has 3 or 4 he’s always flying. I asked him which he liked best and he says the Phantom 2 is the way to go if you’re getting some video (or I guess photos). That thing looks more like a tool than a toy. It’s like a piece of medical equipment from the future, with wings. I haven’t flown/controlled it but it’s impressive.

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Thank you @funkdaddy. Yes, a quadcopter. The Phantom 2 is the sort of thing I’m thinking of. He will get a commercial licence so he can use it for work as well as for fun. For instance, he supplied a product that’s being used in the construction of a roof and he needed to inspect it. He went up there with the contractors, but if he had a drone (quadcopter), he could also have filmed the results after the work was finished. He can see a lot of applications for one within his work. I think really he’s just a geek and wants one to play with :-) Which is fine. He never asks for anything he wants just because he wants it. So, he usually gets fairly poxy presents. I’m happy to go all out to get him something he really, really wants.

I’ve been looking at the X8 or the Iris but he’s seen something else he really likes. So I’ll find out what that is. He’s quite excited about getting one. I’m just hoping he only uses it for good and not evil. If I get reports of him filming the ladies across the road in the pool, it will be confiscated.

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Gosh. And I though I was a lucky guy.
... All I usually get for my birthday is cheese.

The US is quickly regulating them: must be within sight of operator, max elevation limits, non commercial use, can’t be above people, etc. Get it while you can.

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Have you seen the latest episode of Modern Family? It involves a drone and it’s pretty hilarious.

If you missed it, it’s available on the ABC website for awhile since it’s recent.

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@Earthbound_Misfit – those look amazing, and the GoPro attachment seems like a huge improvement. It looks like their sales office is here in town (and some of the Iris demo video was shot here, the boats, bikes, etc.) if you have any trouble shipping. Awesome gift!

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@Buttonstc I saw that episode and immediately thought: “They need this!

(In 5.5mm.)

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There are regulations in place over here already @LuckyGuy.

@funkdaddy, I think he’s decided on the one you suggested. The Phantom 2. He can buy one of these locally and it comes with an extra battery. He came up with this without me sharing the link to the one you suggested. He’s a bit excited. He was lying in bed last night telling me all about what he’d learned about different models… it was very exciting.~ :-|

I haven’t seen the latest version of Modern Family. I’ll have to watch out for it.

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:) Perfect

“choked barrel delivers superior accuracy”

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If you go to the ABC website, it’s available to watch on computer. It’s really funny.

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