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How do you block or prevent "pins picked for you" on Pinterest?

Asked by Kardamom (31926points) March 7th, 2015

I don’t want stuff picked for me. I can pick my own stuff, thank you very much. That’s the whole idea behind Pinterest, isn’t it? To pick stuff that you like. Pretty much every pin that has been picked for me, by God knows who, contains meat, meat, and more meat. Clearly, I would never pick those things and I want those pins to go away. So far, I’ve just been hiding them all, individually as they pop up, but that’s getting tiresome and tedious.

I’ve tried pushing the button (on the pin itself) that says “hide all pins inspired by” my own boards. That hasn’t helped at all. The personalization (which I assumed created these pins for me, against my will) is turned off.

How do I make it stop???

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It looks like the only thing you can do is contact them. On the portion of their FAQ where it’s talking about “Promoted Pins”, they say if there are any you don’ like and you want ones better tailored to you to just let them know with some feedback. On the page where you submit the feedback, there’s an option you can click that says “Picked for You Pins”, so I’m guessing it’s similar.

I think all you’d have to do is leave a comment that said something like “I’m not at all interested in seeing any kind of Pins that contain meat.” and they should fix the issue for you. Or try to, at least.

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@DrasticDreamer Thank you. I will try sending them some feedback and see what happens.

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