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What is the compatability of a Sagittarius and a Pisces?

Asked by Sada70 (2points) July 15th, 2007 from iPhone
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You can't base compatibility entirely on Sun signs, but just looking at those two signs, you have a square, or difficult aspect. Sag is fire. Pisces is water. Both are mutable. They don't mix well.

If you want an in-depth look at compatibility, though, check out the free compatibility reports at Cafe Astrology.

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Here's another great source for determining good astrological matches:

It also gives you really good monthly astrology reports.

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I'm an Aquarius, and we Aquarians don't put much stock in astrology.

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xenopii is correct.

Among astrologers and astrology buffs, the key to a person’s personality/compatibility can be found in their “signature.” The signature consists of their sun sign, rising (ascendant) sign, and moon sign. For an example, I am a Leo, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon. My husband is an Aquarius, Taurus Rising, Sagittarius Moon. My son is a an Aquarius, Libra Rising, Aries Moon.

The sun sign represents the person you are attempting to become. The moon sign is how you relate emotionally. And the rising sign is the mask you wear, the face you put on when you relate to the world around you.

While my Leo sun is in opposition to my husband’s and son’s sun in Aquarius, Sagittarius conjuncts my rising and hubby’s moon, usually a favorable aspect.. This generally means we not only have positive traits in common, but negative one’s as well.

As Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are all fire signs in trine aspect, the preponderance in our signatures suggests over-sensitivity, especially as two of those are moon signs (emotions) and one is both sun and ascendant (person trying to become and face worn to the world).

I won’t break down the rest for you, as it has been years since I drafted our charts and wrote up the analyses and, I’m sorry, but it was never meant for public dissemination. But I think that gives you a rough idea of how that works.

In the signature, the sun sign is mentioned first, as it is basically the most important, and the sign most people learn easily. The ascendant/rising sign is second in importance because it is how others see you. Both rising sign and moon sign need a time and place of birth to be determined. The moon is the fastest moving object in the chart, passing approximately 13 degrees daily (each sign is 30 degrees), so a mistake of even a few minutes can alter the chart significantly.

If it matters to you, find out those details, then go to for a free chart. You can print out the charts too. Then you can either purchase an analysis or use the chart with books or the internet to determine for yourself what each aspect means. Basically you are looking for a favorable aspect (0 degree conjunction, 60 degree sextile, 120 degree trine) between one person’s moon sign and the other person’s sun or ascendant. Unfavorable aspects would consist of 30 degree semi-sextiles, 90 degree squares, 150 degree quintiles, and 180 degree oppositions. That is not cut and dried though. Just as favorable signs in the same element, such as multiple fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) can have negative repercussions (like over-sensitivity), so can unfavorable signs have positive repercussions. You have to compare each to each and judge for yourself. Sometimes, simple knowledge of the basic traits of a given sign is enough. For instance, I have never found any compatibility with Capricorn, or Gemini, loathe Scorpios, and my favorite people are all Aquarians. Each of us is different. Each unique.

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