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If a website does not want to use Flash, can it use Quicktime to accomplish the same thing?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9892points) March 9th, 2015

As asked.
I mean the browser plug-in part of Quicktime.

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Theoretically yes, but not a good idea.

Flash, for all its security issues, is everywhere (except Apple machines). It is installed automatically with Firefox and CHrome. It just “works” out of the box.

Quicktime, on the other hand, is a heavy pig of a client. Even the plugin is heavier than Flash. It needs to be downloaded (which most people don’t know how to do) and installed (which is a pain in the ass). And it is processor heavy. Basically it is a big fat client that does only one thing.

So if you want to alienate people who are using your website and force them to use extra steps, then by all means use Quicktime. If you want to make it easy to view your site, then use Flash.

But why use either? Why not make your site in HTML5 and use some the media streaming and delivery mechanisms built into HTML5? Why not use some of the newer streaming protocols like M8?

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I think @elbanditoroso is on the right track. HTML 5 was designed with transcending Flash in mind.

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Yup, as stated, HTML5 is the way to go. And if you’re looking for a Flash alternative for animated items, check out Adobe Edge Animate.

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@2davidc8 – are you just asking in regards to video? Quicktime really only handles video and audio and can’t be used to complete a full site really, where as Flash does a little of everything and can be used with more flexibility. Some things Flash is known for are easily done in HTML5, some not so much. Are you actually building something, or just curious?

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Quicktime is a bloated pig-beast that tends to drag in all sorts of other Apple bloatware, and (like most Apple software) it only really works well for OS X.

Another vote for HTML5 here.

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I agree with all of you that HTML5 is where things are headed. Even Adobe seems to be abandoning Flash and going to HTML5.
But I am not building a website. I asked because I’ve been having trouble with my browsers when I visit websites that have video or animation on them. Not every time, but often enough to be irritating. At first it started with IE, but it happens with Chrome also, so I believe it’s not browser-specific.
I remember way back when I installed iTunes on my Windows PC, that Quicktime got installed also. Not only that, but it installed a whole bunch of other bloatware and changed some of my settings, too. GRRRR! I managed to get rid of most of the bloatware, leaving just the old version of Quicktime in case it was needed.
Now, when there’s an update to iTunes, it asks if I want to update Quicktime also, and I always refuse because I don’t want the problems with the bloatware again.
But now with the video issues I’ve been experiencing, I was wondering if some websites were using Quicktime instead of Flash and my old version of Quicktime was no longer adequate.
So, is it correct to say that I don’t need Quicktime and could very well uninstall it?
I’m doing a process of elimination here and trying to check off every possibility to solve the problem. I’ve already ruled out my modem, router, and ISP. I’m thinking of taking a look at my display driver next. My approach is to look at software culprits first, then go on to hardware. Is this a good way?

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HTML5 works on all modern operating systems, and browsers… Including extremely restrictive ones like the iOS’s browser.

Unfortunately, there is some conflict with HTML5 video support between browsers, but for the most part.. it just works.

Some people don’t like Flash and don’t even have it installed on their system. Your video will work for them if you use html5, but not if you use flash.

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