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Does this JC Penney catalog from 1982 jog any memories?

Asked by hominid (7347points) March 20th, 2015

Someone scanned an entire xmas catalog from 1982. It’s oddly entertaining to browse through the toys and electronics sections. I am finding things I owned but completely forgot about, like this (E-poch man), and plenty of items I had coveted. The process of browsing this is odd, because I actually recall odors for some reason. I am getting hit with memory-odors when browsing this stuff.

I’m old. And strange.

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The womens’ hair styles are nothing short of awful.

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I was born in 1977. It is funny. The JC Penney catalog and the Toys R US and Radio Shack ones are how I made my list for santa (grandma). My mom gave me the catalogs and a pen and I would circle what I wanted.

I also have masturbated to the bra section in the JC Penny catalog.. So there you go.

edit :: And I owned stock in Radio Shack. I got this in the mail a few weeks ago.

I am going to have it framed. Please don’t ask why I had 1400 shares in RSHCQ.

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I was elev years old in 1982 and I just know I would have masturbated to the redhead in the Pac Man nightgown.

Heck, I just might now.

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This is awesome.

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I took a quick glance at the first page of scans. It brought back vivid memories of ladies’ blouses with ties or bows up high at the chin and shoulder pads. Dark blush, too looks very 80’s when I see it. I will look more at the pix tomorrow. Thanks for sharing that!

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Catalogs like this may be our society’s most accurate history books. Thanks for sharing.

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These fashions remind me of my high school geometry teacher!

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Sometime must have a lot time on their hands.

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