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Anyone contemplating iPhone insurance?

Asked by AlexChoi (305points) July 15th, 2008

On the $299 16 gig iPhone, you can expect to pay about $35.99 for 3 years of basic coverage that’ll cover you if the phone stops working on its own—and tack on another $39 to guard against any drops, spills, and slips you might have.

Here’s one plan I was considering… anyone have other suggestions?

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some homeowners insurance will insure your phone, so check that too

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I have been seriously considering this. I would like to see what my fellow Flutherers think. :-) Awesome qusetion! I am leaning towards insuring it.

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In Ireland O2 offers an insurance add-on to the contract for an extra couple of euros a month. I took it because I suspect 99% of the issues I might experience with the phone will be either account/signal/service related or accidental damage.

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I will definitely get the insurance. I have an original iPhone and my daughter was holding it in her hand while I was driving and a “drop” of coffee splashed into the on/off switch. My phone is useless now and I am very sad. For all the precautions I take with my phone I know that ANYTHING can happen and 80.00 for three years is now without a doubt the only way I will by another iPhone.

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Jill from SquareTrade here. Saw you mentioned us and just thought I’d share a coupon code for a promotion we’re doing for iPhone. Use code IPHONELOVE before the 24th and get 20% off of your warranty for your new iPhone (and you can add Accidental Damage from Handling protection too, if you want).

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Hey Jill… can you give us more info about setting up iPhone insurance? Your site is a bit confusing… the iPhone is an MP3 player, and a phone… and what price point do we use? the unsubsidized price? the subsidized price?

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Sure, no problem. Just choose the cell phone category and put in the unsubsidized price. That way, if you need to make a claim, you’ll get the full replacement cost paid to you and you’ll be able to buy a new one (or the latest and greatest model). Check out this link for a chart that lays out your options:

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You can protect your iPhone from being lost with Rewarding Return.

You put one of their recovery labels on the back of your iPhone, and if it gets lost, the finder knows they can return it to claim their reward. Plus rewarding return makes all the shipping arrangements and pays for all the shipping.

It’s seriously worth it walking around with a $500 iPhone in your pocket.

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You can get it at if you are in the UK. There are a number of other providers around the same price. It is full insurance without crazy exceptions and exclusions, underwritten by Equity Redstar

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