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Any ideas on how to make money around the country?

Asked by Brew805 (150points) July 15th, 2008

I’m on a cross-country road trip, being in Nashville right now. I’m on my way to Chicago, NY, Atlanta, New Orleans, etc. Unfortunately, I need to make gas money. Any ideas how? I’ve tried craigslist but couldn’t really find anything. I’m stuck in Nashville until I make some money, so I really appreciate any help!

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Restaurants always need dishwashers and busboys. Here is one Nashville resource.

If you are healthy, you could sell platelets for about $50.

There is also day labor. It pays daily. It is usually hard work. Here is one Nashville resource.

Other options may take a few days to put in place. if that is not a problem, what skills do you have? Office skills? technical skills? Other?

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I use an HP Inkjet printer.
Seriously, get some stencils and white and black cans of spray paint. Knock on a few doors and offer to paint the resident’s house number on the curb. You should get a few takers and make some decent gas $$.

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You need a white shirt and black trousers,and a black tie, hit a restaurant, you can be a waiter in a busy night, Marina said it best :)

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