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What do you call all means of transportation (minus bikes) on the street in let's say NY city?

Asked by flo (12974points) March 24th, 2015

What is the one word that applies to all of them, i.e, an 18 Wheeler, a racecar, a truck, a bus, a regular car, etc.(but not bikes etc.) just the ones with four wheels and use gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine?

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Vehicular traffic

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About the word Vehicle I read
Very interesting.

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motor vehicles? Are you restricting motorcycles from the list? I don’t understand what you’re asking us.

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@stanleybmanly bicycle, horse, rickshaw, is what I was thinking of excluding. Motorcycle I guess would be included eventough I wasn’t thinking of it when I posted the OP.
Added: You answered it by the way.

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Horseless carriages?

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I wasted a OP.

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Mass pandemonium. Cluster fuck.

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Surface transit

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I would most likely just say traffic. I might say traffic on the road, or motor vehicle traffic.

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I think it was answered by @stanleybmanly They are all (a race car a 18 wheeler etc.) go under Motor Vehicles. When someone asks me what is the name of that (pointing at a car) I can’ say “traffic” or “Surface transit”

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