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How do schools keep track of phone calls coming in and out?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) March 31st, 2015

Or do they? How do they record such events? Say a parent calls in to report their child sick. Do schools record that call or write it down somewhere? I’m assuming schools use a landline, not a cell phone.

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I’m pretty sure there is no universal rule, here. In the schools I know, it gets written down.

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I used my old dial up modem to search the range of phone numbers for the school from the phone book. My old high school had a block of about 200 phone numbers. I kept going until I hit a modem. Never was able to alter the girl I fancied grades like in Wargames.

I would really like to think they use some sort of VIOP service now to save $$$ instead of having hundreds of landlines.

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I’m sure there’s no one universal rule. It would depend on the district and their budget.

My daughter’s school has a recording for attendance, or you can speak to a live person if you wish. As it’s a district with a big, bloated budget they probably have caller ID (which is pretty standard most places as long as you have the phone to view it).

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My daughter’s school has an Absence number. You record a message saying their name, form and short reason why they are absent. The info is noted by an admin person and entered into the register for the form teacher. The register is taken twice a day in form time.

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If they have a main number with different extensions, they have a phone system switching calls. It’s a computer , and it has a record of every call out, call in, and transfer.

That doesn’t mean it’s readily accessible. Whoever administrates the phone system would know more.

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Thanks everyone.

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