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Do you believe Comedy Central's new Daily Show host Trevor Noah is insensitive?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) April 2nd, 2015

Is it possible to be both a successful comedian and sensitive to all religions, genders, governments, races, etc, etc?

Where is the line drawn?

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I just think he isn’t very bright. I give him three months.

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The funny thing is that there was a moment when the expected happened – people manufactured outrage and polished their “I’m offended” cards, and there were reasonable people who thought, “here we go again”. But then – the anti-atheist tweets were found, and the internet went crazy with that, completely ignoring the fact that a few hours before, these atheists had been advocating for giving the guy a chance.

This is entertainment. He’s a comedian. Do we really want someone who just confirms everything that we already believe? Do we want to laugh at only hot pocket jokes, or is it ok to be uncomfortable?

Why do we insist that a comedian hosting a show on tv be as liberal, atheist, feminist, etc as we are?

I don’t know about you, but I bore the shit out of me. Why would I want to watch another me on tv?

Give him a chance.

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Never seen him or heard of him, but, many comedians are of a particular personalty style that lends itself to being non-conformist, innovative and well, not overly concerned with PC behaviors. It is often the outspoken and out of the box types that get others riled up.
I’ll have to check him out.

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I hope he is. Insensitive is good.
Let us just hope that he does not punch a producer in the face because he does not get hot food after the show.
Who is this Trevor Noah again?

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His use of language and accents is brilliant. I’ve heard him be: Chinese, American Black, Japanese, Valley Girl, Mexican, White, African native, as well as his fantastic South African accent. Every “t” is pronounced perfec“t“ly.

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I suspect he will be given a lot of slack. Comedy is almost always ridiculing someone, that what makes it funny. As long as he doesn’t get too abrasive with liberals, he’ll be OK.

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Liberals laugh at themselves more easily than conservatives, @Jaxk. Or at least more openly I’ve been in few informal Republican meetings, a few Democratic.

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