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Why are the women in most superhero movies so generic?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) May 5th, 2010

If I were an actress, I would systematically reject any role where I played the love interest of a superhero. They all have such weak roles. They’re all there to look pretty and get saved and that’s just about it.

I’m sure there’s exceptions, but those roles tend to be a bit shallow. I guess it’s the archtype of “I can’t help myself, I need a man” that I find a little irritating.

I want to see a leading actress that doesn’t need saving in a super hero movie despite the hero’s best attempts.

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I’d just be happy that I’m working.

I wouldn’t give a shit.

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I think the reason the women in these roles are so generic is because they don’t want any of the focus to be taken away from the hero of the movie.

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Wonder Woman the movie hasn’t been made yet.

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Yes, maybe she should be the one helping the super hero out of his weaknesses for once! The ladies DO tend to act a bit lamely!

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@jjmah – way to be honest :)

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Because those movies generally aren’t by or for women.

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I think @janbb hit the nail on the head.

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Michele Pfiefer’s “Catwoman” from Batman Returns was complicated and fully fleshed out. She does not fit your characterization, but most others do. It is a credit to the film that Maggie Gyllenhaal couldn’t be saved in The Dark Knight.

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If you’re looking for non- generic woman super hero check out Dark Angel (a T.V series, not a movie, but created and produced by James Cameron), with Jessica Alba as Max, the coolest and hottest genetically engineered super soldier, cat burglar, bicycle messenger and smart-ass ever to grace the screen (large or small) IMHO. It was only one for two seasons before it was canceled but you can buy the DVD boxed sets. She also rides a motorcycle and kicks a whole lot of ass. I don’t know you very well @Captain_Fantasy but, if you haven’t seen it, I have a feeling you might really enjoy it. I know that doesn’t really answer the question, the why, but I sometimes I don’t care why. I just bag on the stereotypical nonsense and enjoy the good stuff.

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Me too, I just want to see a scene where the woman owns 3 dudes in a dark alley, then the superhero shows up late: “Oh….you took care of it already…...well can I fly you home at least?”.

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@Blackberry Then Dark Angel is right up your alley, as they say.

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The people in the entertainment industry are pretty much – entertainers.

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Uh, Spidey’s girlfriend? That was a good role for Kirsten, and made her big bucks, too.

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Have you seen “Catwoman”?

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@Neizvestnaya they have the animated Wonder Woman movie… on teletoon

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The “Black Cat” in Spiderman’s animated series is hot.. Felicia Harding .

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Most of the superheroes movies are based on comics that were written as early as the 1950s, so they’ve carried on with (and perhaps got stuck in) the stereotypical roles that were ingrained into society at the time. Most women in superhero comics are either over-sexualised, pathetically helpless or downright evil.

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Gweneth Paltrow plays the female lead in two Comic movies. IronMan and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Her characters are very different, and not really the kind you describe, btw.

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Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) from the TV series Alias was pretty kickass as well. Not technically a superhero, but awesome nonetheless . . .

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While I don’t usually get bent out of shape about people not acknowledging my comments/answers what part of Jessica Alba being a totally hot, kick ass, genetically engineered killing machine do you people not get?

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loves Jessica Alba, but Dark Angel isn’t really the kind of superhero thing I was thinking of. I’m thinking more of the traditional ones like Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc. Dark Angel is modern, so modern values apply.

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