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What are some things that can not be shared?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43575points) April 2nd, 2015

Inspired by this question.

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Physical pain.

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Good answer! Mental pain, too.

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World of warfare gold.

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Your Dreams are your own though maybe you can talk about them (Is that still sharing in a sense maybe) but no one else can share them they belong to you…. Oh we can’t/shouldn’t share our toothbrushes.

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The Planet. It is all mine.

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The space you take up?

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Hm…well, it’s a hell of a reaction when they try!

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I don’t think we can entirely share our minds. And maybe that’s a good thing. If it was otherwise, infatuations would surely never develop into full-blown relationships and it would just be all “been there, done that.” It’s nice that we can surprise each other, discover a small, glistening facet never before noticed even after decades of living together.

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Toilet paper

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Dreams. Yes, we can tell someone else what we remember about the dream story, but no way can we share the precise feelings the dream evoked.

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That which you don’t have and the knowledge that’s unknown to you.

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Your death.

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A glass eye?

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A chewed piece of gum.

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ABC gum! Ew! But it can be shared. So can a glass eye if someone has only a hole in their socket.

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I think glass eyes need to be custom fitted?

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@ibstubro Perhaps one can find it a lucky charm and carry it around in their pocket instead.

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An itch.
A twitch.
The feel of a switch.

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