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I found this essay (about the Indiana RFRA law) hilarious. (It's written by Dean Obeidallah, a comedian who is Muslim). The question for Flutherians - is he right?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28884points) April 5th, 2015

[Note: despite the fact that this is is about a comedian, the underlying issue is a serious one, and that’s what I am placing this in ‘general’ and not ‘social’.]

The underlying theme of his article is that the RFRA (religious freedom act passed by (and later ‘clarified’ by)) the Indiana legislature, guarantees religious freedom not just for Christians but also for Muslims who want to practice Sharia’a and build mosques and so on anywhere in the state of Indiana.

Here’s a link

My gut feel is that Obeidallah is 100% right and the Indiana legislature opened a huge can of worms—passing a pro-christian law without regard for the consequences of their actions.

What say you?

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I think he’s right, too. I hope someone tests it, and soon.

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I haven’t read the RFRA, but since the acronym isn’t CFRA, I also agree with him.

I hope there’s a massive building boom of churches with upside-down crosses in the Hoosierfather state. ;-)

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The unforeseen consequences of silly bigotry. These last ditch rearguard measures really are sad for those on the right who can’t understand that the gay persecution ship has already sailed.

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I believe that he is correct in concluding that they did not define a single religion to be the recipient of the benefits of their law but that the Indiana legislature will use their fallback position to combat the Muslim/Wiccan invasion, to wit: that we are a Christian Nation founded by Christian Immigrants on Christian Terms based on Christian Morals….. Everybody else needs to F*ck off.

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Of course he’s right. It’s a ridiculous law and should be taken advantage of by any and all and held up to ridicule as much as possible.

I’ve seen and heard Desn on a number of panel discussion shows (Bill Maher, Larry Wilmore, etc. ) and he’s a really brilliant thinker and srticulate spokesperson for his viewpoint. He usually has many thought -provoking comments on a number ps issues.

They should give him his own show already. I’d tune in regularly.

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